Noone feature animation by Simone Massi still

Anifilm 2024: Selection Highlights from the Czech Animation Festival

Discover the selection and the highlights of the 2024 Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films, 7-12 May 2024.

OIAF 2024 poster detail

Lei Lei Designs the 2024 OIAF Poster

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Chinese animation artist and educator Lei Lei designs the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2024 Poster.

Anima Festival 2024 collage stills

Meditations/Reflections In/On Style(s): Notes on Anima Festival Brussels 2024

Mikhail Gurevich reports from the 2024 edition of Anima Festival Brussels.

Monstra Festival animation still collage

Monstra Festival 2024 Report: A Party of Amazing Moments

Eliane Gordeeff writes about her Monstra Festival 2024 Lisbon animated experience.

Ser Semilla animation short still

40 Graduation Animation Shorts for Annecy Festival 2024

Discover the line-up of graduation animation shorts for the celebrated Annecy Festival 2024.

Flower Show Elli Vuorinen

Annecy Festival 2024: Selection Results

Discover all animation shorts selected for the 2024 Annecy Festival

Annecy Festival 2024 Poster

Regina Pessoa Designs the Annecy Festival 2024 Poster

The Portuguese acclaimed animation filmmaker and artist Regina Pessoa designed the Annecy Festival's 2024 poster.

Still from animation film 'Beautiful Men' by Nicolas Keppens

Animafest Zagreb 2024: 100 Animation Shorts Selected

All the selection results (animation shorts)  for the 2024 Animafest Zagreb festival.

Anima Festival 2024 Winners: 'Wander to Wonder', 'Sultana's Dream', 'Conte Sauvage'

Check all the animation awards of the 2024 Anima Festival (Brussels).    

Wes Anderson photo

Wes Anderson, A Guest of Annecy Festival 2024

The acclaimed live-action and animation filmmaker Wes Anderson will give a masterclass during the 2024 Annecy Festival.

Anima Festival Brussels 2024 Collage of Animation Industry Events

Anima Festival 2024: The Essential Industry Events

An overview of the animation industry events during the 2024 Anima Festival in Brussels.

Electra by Daria Kashcheeva animation still

Animation (And Other Film) Festivals That Accept Long Short Films

A comprehensive list of animation and other film festivals that accept animation shorts of 25 minutes or longer.


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