PÖFF Shorts

PÖFF Shorts  Animation Winners 2023

Hungary, France, Japan won the animation competition at the Estonian PÖFF Shorts Festival.

Check out the animation winners from PÖFF Shorts Tallinn festival.

The lineup for PÖFF Shorts festival and its animation competition has been revealed.

The 2020 edition of PÖFF Shorts, an official sub-festival of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, has revealed 57 animation shorts and part of its competition.

The Tallin PÖFF Shorts festival, which includes an Animation Competition programme,  is now an Academy Award Qualifying Festival.

Find all animation winners of the 2019 PÖFF Shorts festival in Tallinn.

PÖFF Shorts in Tallinn announces titles for international animation competition.

The animation winners of the 2018 Tallinn PÖFF Shorts festival.

We interviewed the new voices of Estonian animation competing at the 2018 PÖFF Shorts Festival.

The Estonian (former Animated Dreams Festivals) PÖFF Shorts announced its selection results for the 2018 edition.


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