The youth and the leopard Georgian animation still

Eastern Promises: Georgian Animation at Anifilm Festival 2024 (GoCritic! Review)

Heather Bradshaw reports on the Georgian Animation programme 'Eastern Promises' at this year's Anifilm Festival 2024, part of our GoCritic! review series.

Time Metallurgist by Tomas Rampula animation film still

Broncos and Buffalos: Reinventing Muybridge at Anifilm Festival (GoCritic! Review)

Gijs Suy reports on two contemporary experimental animation shorts, screened at Anifilm Festival 2024 (part of our GoCritic! review series).

Zoon by Jonatan Schwenk making of still

Behind The Scenes: Zoon by Jonatan Schwenk

Acclaimed animation director Jonatan Schwenk presents his Zoon animation short -and a 6-minute behind-the-scenes video.

The Burden animation still

The Burden (2017) by Niki Lindroth von Bahr : Film Review

Our review for the Swedish animation short 'The Burden' by Niki Lindroth von Bahr.

Fashion Victims 2.0 by Maria Lorenzo

Fashion Victims 2.0 by María Lorenzo Hernández

Spanish animator and educator María Lorenzo Hernández talks about her film, 'Fashion Victims 2.0', on the occasion of the film's online release.

The Great Rabbit animation by Atsushi Wada still

The Great Rabbit by Atsushi Wada (2012): Film Review

It is one of the animation classics of the 21st century. Here's the animation short 'The Great Rabbit' by Atsushi Wada.

Mom, what's up with the dog animation still

'Mom, What’s up With the Dog' by Lola Lefèvre: Film Review

Sexual awakening and coming-of-age are now accompanied by a dog. Here's our review of the animation short 'Mom, What’s Up With the Dog; by Lola Lefèvre.

Felina by Maria Lorenzo

'Felina' by María Lorenzo Hernández: A Woman-Cat in A Noirish Animation Short

A new animation short from Spain about a woman panther. María Lorenzo talks to Zippy Frames about 'Felina'.

Οbon by Anna Samo still

'Obon' by Anna Samo and André Hörmann: Film Review

Watch the acclaimed animation documentary 'Obon' by Anna Samo and André Hörmann on the Hiroshima nuclear bomb, and read our film review.

Spooky Loops still animation from Ukraine

Spooky Loops by Stas Santimov

Ukrainian animation filmmaker Stas Santimov animates loops and presents 'Spooky Loops'. Here's the film to watch at Zippy Frames.

Canard animation still (Elle Chapuis)

10+1 Belgian Animation Shorts: Our Top Picks from Anima Festival 2024

Vassilis Kroustallis showcases the best Belgian animation shorts presented at this year's Anima Festival (Brussels).

Dear Mahsa by Martin Pflanzer

'Dear Mahsa' by Martin Pflanzer: Animation Short On the Iranian Mahsa Jina Amini

Animation and contemporary human rights abuses are showcased in the animation short 'Dear Mahsa' by Martin Pflanzer.


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