17th Countryside Animafest Cyprus: Selection Results

17th Countryside Animafest Cyprus: Selection Results

Out of 1000+ submissions, the 17th edition of Countryside Animafest Cyprus festival (19-21 July 2018) focuses both on auteurs, established and new ones. According to the festival,  these artists continue to create beautiful work with a fighting spirit, despite the dehumanizing and disheartening darkness of the world we live in today.

 And they do it in different ways. Whether it's the Estonian Riho Unt, and the religious parody of Mary and the Seven Dwarfs, or the recently awarded (Annecy Jury Distinction) Velko Popovic and his Adriatic summer satire, Cyclists, or the new film by Sarina Nihei (Small People With Hats) Rabbit Blood, animated films breathe (but indirectly and deeply) the signs of these multi-faceted times.

Russian animation director Alexey Alekseev has a new film, The Hunt, and the always reliable Vladimir Leschiov returns with Electrician's Day.

Oscar-nominated Negative Space (Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter), and acclaimed NFB short Hedgehog's Home (Eva Cvijanovic) enter the Cypriot festival programme. Watch out for the under-appreciated (but non-negilgible) figure and films of Frank Ternier (8 Bullets), who knows how to go deep into the skin of human guilt, and has a new film, Riot. Max Andersson (Tito on Ice) returns with a new, 7-minute short, Flat Dog Town.

The National competition includes, among others, Immensity, a new film by Eleni Chadriotou (Best Film in Cypriot competition 2016 “I the Eye”) and DUMA by Paschalis Paschali, as well as films by promising animation students of the Cyprus University of Technology.

The festival will present a special tribute to a contemporary master of animation, acclaimed artist Georges Schwizgebel, who also created this year’s poster. The tribute consists of a retrospective selection of Schwizgebel’s films and an exhibition of drawings. As previously reported, Georges Schwizgebel will also serve in this year’s international jury committee along with Jean-Luc Slock, founder and director of Camera Etc and Élise Labbé, Head of Festivals and audience development at the National Film Board of Canada.  



  • CYCLISTS, Veljko Popovic, Croatia / France / 2018
  • FLAT DOG TOWN, Max Andersson, Germany / 2017
  • HEDG­­EHOG’S HOME, Eva Cvijanovic, Canada, Croatia / 2017
  • DREAMLAND, Mirai Mizue, France / Japan / 2018
  • ELECTRICIAN’S DAY, Vladimir Leschiov, Latvia / 2018
  • IN OUR SKIN, Rosa Beiroa, UK / 2018
  • BOOGIE STOMP PINK, Stuart Pound, UK / 2017
  • THE THIRD SCRIPT, Robert Löbel, Singapore, Iran / 2017
  • THE HUNT, Alexey Alekseev, France / 2017
  • EMERGENCY BROADCAST, Pixie Cram, Canada / 2017
  • NEGATIVE SPACE, Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter, France / 2017 (Oscar nominated)
  • THE OGRE, Laurène Braibant, France / 2018
  • MUSICAL TRAUMAS, Milos Tomic, Serbia / 2018
  • H, Roberto Biadi, Italy / 2017
  • MARIA AND THE 7 DWARFS, Riho Unt, Estonia / 2018
  • PERSISTENCE OF VISION III, Ismael Sanz-Pena, Norway / 2017
  • PHOTOTAXIS, Melissa Ferrari, USA / 2017
  • SEA, Marharita Tsikhanovich , Check Republic / Belarus / 2017
  • RIOT, Frank Ternier, France / 2017
  • RABBIT’S BLOOD, Sarina Nihei, UK / Japan / 2017
  • THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM, Alan Jennings, USA / 2017
  • MARK LOTTERMANN - HAPPY, Alice Saey, France / Netherlands / 2017
  • 32-RBIT, Victor Orozco Ramirez, Germany, Mexico / 2018
  • AUGUR, David Doutel, Vasco Sa, Portugal, France / 2018
  • DROP BY DROP, Laura Gonçalves, Alexandra (Xá) RAMIRES, Portugal / 2017
  • TRAVELOGUE TEL AVIV, Samuel Pathey, Jurgen Haas, Switzerland / 2017
  • MANIVALD, Chintis Lundgreni, Estonia, Croatia, Canada / 2017


  • DUMA, Paschals Paschali, Cyprus / 2018
  • IMMENSITY, Eleni Chandriotou, Cyprus / 2017
  • TOPIOPOLIS, Nicoleta Avgousti, Katia Savvidou, Cyprus / 201
  • TRASH, Andreas Aristodimou, Cyprus / 2018
  • THE KEY, Andreas Panagi, Cyprus / 2018
  • DOUBLE LIFE, Ioanna Fania, Cyprus / 2018
  • THE DANCER, Charalambia Egglezou, Cyprus / 2018
  • INNER SPACE, Constantinos Kareklas, Cyprus / 2018
  • ANOTHER ME, Michalis Charalambous, Cyprus / 2018
  • BLAME, Charalambos Yiangou, Cyprus / 2018
  • PURSUIT, George Neonakis, Greece / 2018 (out of competition)

    17th Countryside Animafest Cyprus “Views of the World” is sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. Awards sponsored by Bank of Cyprus. Its 2018 edition takes place 19-21 July 2018, Salamiou, Paphos.

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