7th Animfest, Athens: the awards

 A Venice-inspired film about music and art in the 1920s by the Australian Jonathan Nix, won the Grand Prix Athena in the 7th Animfest.

 The Missing Key tells the story of a young Japanese composer who studies music in Venice, along with his cat, and is involved in a plot of Amadeus-Salieri like feud.

The second award went to the Slovakian Katarina Kerekosova puppet film Stones, a tale and a tragedy of a woman in love.

Best student film award was granted to Partition (Eleonora Berra, Delia Hess, Shami Lang-Rinderspacher, Switzerland), a stop-motion film that, according to the jury, develops a " an apt commentary on modern society".

In the Greek competition section, the Japanese folk tale by Panayiotis Rappas, Fountain of youth, won the premiere award.

See the full award list, and selected trailers. The 8th Animfest will take place in Athens from 7-13 March 2013.


Films up to 30':

GRAND PRIX ATHENA: the Missing Key, Jonathan Nix, Australia
2nd award STONES, Katarína Kerekesová, Slovakia

3rd Award: TECLOPOLIS,  Javier Mrad, Argentina

Films up to 10':

1st PRIZE: KIYAMET:By Ivan Ramadan by Bosnia and Herzegovina

2nd PRIZE: AALTARATE by Christobal De Oliveira, France / Netherlands

3rd PRIZE: LA DÉTENDE by Pierre Ducos, Bertrand Bey, France

Films up to 5'

1st PRIZE:THE LAGOON, THE WATER, THE MEN... (A ria, a agua, o homem...) by Manuel Matos Barbosa, Portugal

2rd PRIZE:LOOM by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Germany

3rd PRIZE:KUBLA KHAN by Joan C. Gratz, USA


1st PRIZE: PARTITION by Eleonora Berra, Delia Hess, Shami Lang-Rinderspacher, Switzerland

2nd PRIZE:CROSSED SILD by Lea Vidakovic, Ivana Bosnjak, Norway

The film's intense atmosphere and the space depicted form a charming scene in which well-developed characters move.

3rd PRIZE (ex aequo):MS. FOUND IN A BOTTLE by Florian Grolig, Germany, and  FAIRYTALE ABOUT THE STARCASE by Kiril Ivanov, Bulgaria


1st award: Fountain of Youth (Panagiotis Rappas)

2nd award (ex aequo): Abeyance (Eleni Miltsi) and Anima Periplanosa (Gabriella Gerolemos)

3rd award: Dawn (Nikos Dimitriadis)

Honorable mention:

THE WOLF AND THE RABBIT by the 2nd Junior High School of Aridaia


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