Animasyros 4.0: the program

The competitive section of short films inlcudes films such as The External World by David O' Reilly, and El Empleo by Santiago Bau Brasso.

Collaborations with other animation festivals reveal also an international highpoint for Animasyros. The best of Anima Brussells, Hiroshima International Festival and Anim'est International Festival (Bucharest), as well as a tribute to the new Be there! Corfu Animation Festival are under way.

Cassidy Curtis, Supervising animator in PDI/Dreamworks, and Jim Capobianco, Story Artist & Animator in Pixar are scheduled to talk in the festival's forum, which also includes talks by the Greek ASIFA organizer Anastasia Dimitra, George Sifianos, Raquel Coelho and Mohamed Ghazala.

Ratatouille and How to train your dragon will surely entertain all of those involved, and the kids have a special treat with specifically designed workshops.

Animasyros 4.0 will run from September 15-18. Visit the official site , and watch the festival trailer below:

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