Animated Dreams 2017: Essential Programme Highlights

Animated Dreams 2017: Essential Programme Highlights

The Animated Dreams Festival in Tallinn has now become part of PÖFF shorts, with award-winning animation director Priit Tender as its curator (taking over from Olga Pärn's 2016 director's duties).

In the new curator's own words:

The animation section will see two competitions for International and Student films alongside many side programmes, which explore the realm of the surreal, hilarious, frightening and erotic. There will also be a chance to see winning films from the renowned Annecy Animation Film Festival in France, with several other programmes dedicated to individual countries such as Russia and Poland. This year, tribute will be paid to the great Estonian surrealist Mati Kütt with a special screening of his retrospective.

The two competitions within Animated Dreams are Animated Dreams International Competition and Student Competition.

The former includes films that already known in the festival circuit (but always good to revisit): Negative Space by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata (France), Manivald by Chintis Lundgren (Estonia/ Croatia),  Drop by Drop by Laura Gonçalves and Alexandra (Xá) Ramires (Portugal), Dolls Don’t Cry by Frédérick Tremblay (Canada), Wednesday With Goddard by Nicholas Menard (UK), Aenigma by Aris Fatouros and Antonis Doussias (Greece), Hedgehog’s Home by Eva Cvijanovic (Canada / Croatia).

Estonian studios Joonisfilm and Nukufilm will present the award Nail, named after the eponymous film by legendary Estonian animator Heino Pars.

The jury for the Animated Dreams International Competition will consist of Mati Kütt (Estonia), the renowned Estonian animator, Yves Nougarède (France), a member of the selection committee at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and Uri Kranot (Denmark), a filmmaker and the main tutor and content supervisor of AniDox:Lab.

Student competition films include: Oh Mother! by Paulina Ziółkowska (Poland), Sog by Jonatan Schwenk (Germany), Ayny My Second Eye by Ahmad Saleh (Germany / Jordan, Palestine), Moulinet by Sander Joon (Estonia). 

The jury of the Animated Dreams Student Competition will be comprised by Märt-Matis Lill (Estonia), head of Estonian Composers’ Union, Clémence Bragard (France), a programmer and general coordinator of the Festival national du film d’animation for AFCA, and Aleksey Savinsky (Russia)animation curator, the founder of St.Petersburg Theater Laboratory “Like Theater” and Insomnia animation festival.

Check out the full international competition (professional and student shorts).  


But this isn't all of animation programme. A separate, National Competition (both animation and live-action films) includes the Estonian films in the above competition, plus Ülo Pikkov's new stop-motion film, Letting Go. Pikkov has another, 2D film in competition, An Old Man and an Old Woman.

Leonid Shmelkov (My Own Personal Moose) competes in this category with his Pearfall, and Lucija Mrzljak with her Corner. Mait Laas (The Way to Nirvana) has also a new film, A Husband And A Wife. A Voitan Story, while Priit and Olga Pärn collaborate again on The Eyeless Hunter. A Khanty Story.

Jury: Reet Aus (Estonia), Anna Zača (Latvia), and Clémence Bragard (France).

Estonian puppet film studio Nukufilm celebrates its 60 years in 2017. A special retrospective, Nukufilm 60 has been prepared for the festival, which includes films from 7 directors -also showcasing films from the last decade (22 Νοv, 16:15) 

The Mati Kütt retrospective is curated by Ülo Pikkov (23 Nov, 16:00)

To be fair, Kütt belongs more to the Renaissance than contemporary times. One could call him a pure artist, uncompromisingly and consistently focusing on his own creations for decades, avoiding the world of advertising and commercialism. Kütt’s animations and paintings form a self-contained universe that could be described as surreal dislocation - Ülo Pikkov 

Aleksey Savinsky curates the programme Borderguards- Russian Animation (25 Nov, 18:00)

Our world has been divided into territories a long time ago. Borders are tight and protected by militaries from all sides. But there are territories whose borders run on different dimensions. Those lines, although unguarded, are difficult to reach. Borders between wakeful life and dreams, the world of psychic processes, the absurd and the real, between life and death. 

Aneta Ozorek curates the programme "Best of Polish Animation", which carries the best of Polish cinema traditions – existential depth, poetry and phenomenal visual aesthetics, and is dedicated to women animation directors.

The Best of Annecy programme (curated by Yves Nougarede) includes 7 films awarded at Annecy Festival, taking special care on films directed or co-directed by women (24 Nov, 20:00)

Visegrad Animation Forum presents its new VAF talents from Central and European contemporary animation scene (24 Nov, 16:30)

In the VR section, check out the exhibition Nothing Happens (25+26 November, 13:00-20:00, BFM Nova Cinema) by Uri and Michelle Kranot, an animated short film and virtual reality experience that questions spectatorship by asking the viewer to participate in an event. 


Animated Dreams competition takes place as part of PÖFF Shorts festival, 21-26 Νovember 2017, Tallinn.

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