Animocje Festival 2021: Winners

Animocje Festival 2021: Winners

The jury consisting of: Waltraud Grausgruber, Kropka (aka J. S. Álvarez), Adriana Prodeus, Ola Szmida and Marcin Szpak decided to give the following awards for the 10th edition of Animocje International Animated Film Festival

Grand Prix and PLN 1.500: For both the richness and complexity of film language, for an important message constructed on personal and political level, for being a sensual pleasure to watch. The grand prix goes to Alexandre Siqueira for the film Purpleboy.

Purpleboy, Alexandre Siqueira, Portugalia, Francja, Belgia / Portugal, France, Belgium, 2019, 13’55’’

Oscar is a child who sprouts in his parents garden. Nobody knows his biological sex but he claims the masculine gender. One day Oscar lives an extraordinary but painful adventure in an authoritarian and oppressive world. Will he manage to have the identity recognition he desires so much?

Special Mention I and PLN 1.500: It is a comment on our hectic struggle for fulfillment, human effort in constant anger to finally be happy. We award this film for its sardonic humour, intensive eruption of original visual form and a kaleidoscopic structure scored with great music. The award goes to Andrey Zidkov for the film Happiness

Schast'e / Happiness, Andrey Zhidkov, Rosja / Russia, 2020, 5’

In cold repulsive world of chaos a man is searching for his true happiness hoping that simple things can evolve into his bliss. But his attempts end up in abyss of loneliness and poverty.

Special Mention II and PLN 1.500: Body horror placed in between the testimony of miscarriage and a claustrophobic fantasy straight from the lockdowned world. For a very suggestive, disturbing, abject imaginary highly devoted to the unconscious fear. Evoking strong emotions as in the film of Żuławski and Cronenberg. The award goes to Carolina Sandvik for the film The Expected.

The Expected, Carolina Sandvik, Szwecja / Sweden, 2020, 14’30’’

A man finds his pregnant partner drained of all her blood in the tub. He decides to pour the blood from the tub into the aquarium. Hours, days or weeks pass. Something is moving in the aquarium.

Special Mention III and PLN 1.500: For a brilliant symbiosis between visual expression and its narrative. It is a film full of strength, nerve and courage. In a very poetic, sensitive style it opens an important debate about domestic violence. The award goes to Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma for the film Ciervo.

Ciervo, Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, USA, 2020, 10’15’’

An emotionally haunting and visually beautiful experience, ‘Ciervo’ tells the story of a young girl who holds violence, submission, and independence in an uneasy balance as one morphs into the other.

Special Mention IV and PLN 1.500: This is a short, sweet and furious film. Great example of how little it takes to make a great movie. The award goes to Shaun Clark for the film Angry Dogs.

Angry Dogs, Shaun Clark, Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom, 2020, 4’30’’

When sleeping dogs awaken rationality quickly disappears.

The Best Polish Film and PLN 1.500:Microexpressions in the face of the old woman show us her suffering throughout her last days. With the radical use of a static camera setting the directress doesn’t let us look away from the main character and this issue that concerns us all. The award goes to Julia Orlik for the film I am here.

Jestem tutaj / I'm here, Julia Orlik, Polska / Poland, 2020, 15’

An elderly man is looking after his paralyzed wife. Despite his old age and his own health problems he's doing his best to relieve her suffering, getting worse with each passing day. His daughter helps him out, trying to maintain a balance between taking care of the old woman, her work at the hospital and her family life.

The Special Prize from the Junior Jury (PLN 1.500), the jury consisting of Nina Joachimowska, Martyna Sokołowska and Michał Zając: For taking viewers to satire, where nothing is left to chance, reinforced with well-selected colors and music. The whole is fascinating and attracts attention from beginning to end. Special Prize from Junior Jury goes to Michael Mihalyi & David Stumpf for SH*T HAPPENS.

SH_T Happens, Michaela Mihalyi & David Stumpf, Czechy, Słowacja, Francja / Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, 2019, 13’10’’

The caretaker is exhausted by everything including his frustrated wife and one totally depressed deer, that he comes in contact with. Their mutual despair leads them to absurd events, because... sh_t happens all the time.

The Audience Award in the International Competition goes to Dina Velikovskaya for the film Ties.

Uzi / Ties, Dina Velikovskaya, Niemcy, Rosja / Germany, Russia, 2019, 7’17’’

There is a strong connection between parents and their child. A young woman leaves the parental home to see the world. But the world of her parents is so tightly connected with her that by leaving, she puts it at risk. It turns out that this connection can be also destructive.

The Audience Award in the Films for Children Competition goes to Carmen Córdoba González for the film Roberto.

Roberto, Carmen Córdoba González, Hiszpania / Spain, 2020, 9’

Roberto has been in love with his neighbor across the street his whole life, waiting for her to be capable of facing her monsters.

The 10th Animocje Festival took place 18-24 April 2021.

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