Animocje Festival 2023 Selection Results

Find the complete selection of animation films at the 12th Animocje International Animation Festival


Find the highlights of the 11th Animocje Festival, whose theme is (appropriately) 'co-existence'.


The complete list for the selected films at the International Animated Film Festival Animocje 2022.

International Animated Film Festival Animocje celebrates its 10th edition. Here are some of the festival highlights.

The Polish Animocje Festival celebrates its 10th edition, and publishes its 2021 selection results.

Five film festivals, including Animocje and Stop Trik Festival, have joined their forces to create a festival network, whose activities start 20th August 2020.

Piotr Kardas, director of O!PLA and Rising of Lusitania: Animadoc Film Festival talks to our contributor Mr. Kropka.

All the winners of the 9th Animocje International Animated Film Festival.

Our Zippy Frames contributor Mr. Kropka reports from the fifth day of the 9th Animocje International Animated FIlm Festival.



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Find all the winners of the 10. International Animated Film Festival ANIMOCJE.


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