Chilemonos Festival 2023: Highlights

Chilemonos Animation Festival 2023

For the 12th consecutive year, the Oscar-qualifying Chilemonos Festival (22-27 May 2023) presents multiple exhibitions for the eight categories in competition and conferences of trajectory, heritage and Making of.

Festival Competition

Categories include: Latin American and Spanish Animated Feature Film Competition /  International Animated Short Film Competition, Latin American Animated Short Film Competition  Joaquín Cociña /  Latin American School Short Film Competition / International School Short Film Competition / Latin American Animated Series Competition / International Animated Video Clip Competition. Also, the first 'Chilean Schools Gala 2023'  will take place, including Chilean student animation shorts. Through this on-site event, a space will be opened to the community to screen the 21 works in competition.

Public activities include a wide range of conferences given by world-renowned exponents.

'Beau is Afraid' Conference
Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña will share their experience working on Ari Aster's film, as well as other recent works such as 'Los Huesos', 'La Casa Lobo' and the soon-to-be-released 'Los hiperbóreos', a film that will combine live-action and animation.

'In the Stars' with Punkrobot'
The making-of episode of the 'Star Wars: Visions' series, 'In the Stars', is created by the Chilean animation studio Punkrobot and inspired by the colonization of La Patagonia, in Tierra del Fuego. It will be presented by its director, Gabriel Osorio, the CG Director of the project Sebastián Espinoza and the Storyboard Supervisor, Itzá Rovira, who will talk about their experience working with The Walt Disney Company in the creation of a short film for one of the most popular franchises in history such as Lucasfilm's Star Wars.

An Exposed Spy',
On the 'Agent Elvis' making of talk, Simón Barrionuevo from Pudoctopus will reveal the details of his participation in the adult animated series with Netflix and Sony. The creative processes behind the seven chapters in which the Chileans participate will be unveiled. 'Agent Elvis' premiered in March of this year, has a season of ten chapters and a team of more than 80 professionals and artists.

'Taller del Chucho'
The Mexican animation studio founded by director Guillermo del Toro and responsible for the sequences produced in Jalisco for the Oscar-winning film 'Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro', will be led by 'Taller del Chucho' director Angélica Lares and head of the puppet department León Fernández, who will tell us about their challenges working on Netflix's stop-motion 'Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro' (2022).

 'Rescued from the Trash'
The discussion commemorates the 100 years of Chilean animation, and the premiere and rescue of the first animated short film in Chile 'La Transmisión del Mando Presidencial' by Alfredo Serey and Nicolás Martínez Ezquerro. The film shows the arrival of Arturo Alessandri Palma to the presidency of the country. The discussion will be led by Raúl Manrupe, an Argentine researcher at the Pablo Ducros Hicken Film Museum and expert in audiovisual patrimony; Jaime Córdova, Director of the Film Recobrado and who recovered the centenary short film; Erwin 'Wilo' Gómez, Director of Chilemonos and Marcelo Morales Director of the Cineteca Nacional, who will reflect on the role played by historic preservation in our society.

'31 Minutes of Life'
A tour of the Chilean series based on a newscast conducted by homemade puppets that this year 2023 commemorates 20 years of history, the presentation will be led by Alvaro Diaz, who will talk about his journey in the series, ranging from its innocent beginnings, to live tours and current film projects.


  • The second season of 'Las Aventuras de Ogú, Mampato y Rena', an animated series based on the comic strip by Themo Lobos, produced by Animenta Studios and directed by Mariana Contreras and 'Raffi', a preschool animated series, directed by José Ignacio Navarro and produced by LUNES Animation Studio & Villavicencio Studio, will be shown.
  • WIP: The web series 'Brad The Bad Guy' by Morrón Estudio will be presented by its director, Fernanda Vásquez, and a preview of the short film 'Rescatando a Grolf' by Antenna Cheese and directed by Antonio Villamandos.
    Registrations for these and other activities are open since Wednesday, May 3

Associated Events
Fundación CHILEMONOS will hold the Festival together with the associated event 11MAI! Animation Industry Market,  one of the most important windows of the animation industry for the different production companies in Latin America.

This year, MAI! will be the virtual meeting point for 11 Latin American countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Brazil, which will be present through studios, companies, television channels, distributors and top executives linked to the world of animation, such as Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Señal Colombia, DeAPlaneta Entertainment, TVN, CNTV, Canal IPe, Pakapaka, Fametoonz, Filmshark, Glitch, FilmsToFestivals, Feelsale, and Amashort.
The business roundtables will be held online on May 18th and 19th, and recruitment for Reel Day_Latam Laboral Platform will be available from May 13th to 26th; MAI!

Animation Industry Market held face-to-face activities throughout April and the first week of May, through the talks 'KickOff: Chilemonos in the Classroom'. With 'KickOff: Chilemonos in the Classroom', the 12th Chilemonos International Animation Festival began. In a series of talks, the Festival and MAI! reached auditoriums and students from five different academic centers that teach animation. At the event, the students were able to share with the national animators and to reserve the Festival poster, created by the Venezuelan artist Ed Vill.

As every year, the poster will be distributed at GAM and movie theaters where the screenings will take place (limited availability, first-come, first-served).

CHILEMONOS Festival will take place from May 22nd to 27th with on-site activities at the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) and screenings at the Cineteca Nacional de Chile, Sala Cine UC and Matucana 100; also, the official selections have been available for viewing on the OndaMedia platform from May 5th to 28th for the entire Latin American territory.

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