Fantoche Brings The Boxtrolls, Animation & Multimedia


The 12th International Animation Festival of Fantoche (2-7 September, Baden, Switzerland)  will screen (Swiss premiere) the latest LAIKA animation feature, The Boxtrollls. 


The new stop-motion and 3D GCGI film from the Portland-based studios tells a story of cultural acknowledgment of the adorable BoxTrolls who live underground and who only venture up to the surface at night.


Their protegée Eggs is under attack by the local villain Archibald Snatcher (voiced in the original by Ben Kingsley), who sets about exterminating the Boxtrolls.


The Boxtrolls screeens on the closing night (7 September) and will bring the curtain down of the Swiss animation festival.

 In addition, Mark Shapiro, marketing/brand management spokeperson for LAIKA will be taking the audience behind the scenes of the film in a "Making of" presentation at Fantoche.

In its Animation and Multimedia tribute, Fantoche will be exploring the art of combining traditional crafts with the very latest technology .

Visitors to the "Interactive Spaces in Animation" exhibition in the DoK Gallery can have fun combining virtual and physical worlds, embarking upon fantastic adventures as active users and determining the course of history and the fate of their characters. The discussion of the same name in the fringe programme will explore the latest trends in the intriguing field of film and interactive animation, with contributions from creative minds from Australia, England and Switzerland.

People the world over have been fascinated by Japanese video games for over thirty years. Visitors to the "Moshi Moshi" exhibition in the Stanzerei can try out some of  Japanese video games such asPac Man, Frogger, Super Mario Bros, ChuChu Rocket! and Katamari await.

Fantoche is focusing its attention for the first time on animated GIFs and digital micro animations with the "GIF is for Geeks" film event. Set live to electronic music from DJ Bit Tuner, a new audio-visual interaction will take shape on the screen. Experts at the accompanying workshop entitled "Make a GIF" will teach visitors how to create GIFs themselves on their own smartphones.

 See the festival trailer by Michael Frei and read the story behind its creation.


The 12th edition of Fantoche takes place between 2 and 7 September in Baden, Switzerland.



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