15 Swiss Animation Portraits for 2022

Swiss animation artists

15 emerging and established Swiss artists were interviewed and gave a portrait of both their current and previous work. Swiss animation has a big history, but it's always exciting to know its practitioners' recent work and achievements.

The full list of portraits, plus a review of contemporary Swiss Animation production:

Élodie Dermange

Noah Erni

Isabelle Favez

Michael Frei

Maja Gehrig

Simone Giampaolo

Sam and Fred Guillaume

Nils Hedinger

Aline Höchli

Jonathan Laskar

Marjolaine Perreten

Marina Rosset

Team Tumult

Saskia von Virág

YK Animation

Contemporary Swiss Animation Production Review

Swiss Animation Portraits 2022 series was conducted in partnership with Swiss Films. Our 2021 Swiss portraits series is here. 

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