Annecy 2022 Selection: Graduation, TV and Commissioned Films


Over 1,530 films were submitted from 64 countries in the graduation, TV Films and Commissioned Films of the  2022 Annecy Festival. Selecting 99 animation films, the selection rounds up the official competition shorts selection previously announced.

Checking some of the highlights, we find Wes Anderson (in flesh and blood) among the nominees in the commissioned films, with his directed music video 'Aline' from 'The French Dispatch' film.

We also find the Netflix stop-motion portmanteau film 'The House' (dir. Emma de Swaef, Marc James Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Paloma Baeza) in TV Films in Competition.

The Oscar-nominated 'Robin Robin' by Mikey Please is also part of the TV Films in competition selection,  and Donato Sansone with C'mon Tigre "Twist into Any Shape" competes in the commisioned films.

The full line-up:

Graduation short Films in Competition

A Dog under Bridge
Directed by: Tang REHOO / Country: China

An Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It
Directed by: Lachlan PENDRAGON / Country: Australia

Au revoir Jérôme !
Directed by: Gabrielle SELNET, Chloe FARR, Adam SILLARD / Country: France

Being Sisyphus for One Second a Day
Directed by: Peixuan CHENG / Country: China

Directed by: Jonas BIENZ / Country: Switzerland

BUT (bud)
Directed by: Haomin PENG / Country: USA, China

Directed by: Bruno QUAST / Country: Estonia

Do Not Feed the Pigeons
Directed by: Antonin NICLASS / Country: United Kingdom

Directed by: Rona FAYAD / Country: Lebanon

Elephant in Castle
Directed by: Florence LEE / Country: Hong Kong

Felhök felett
Directed by: Vivien HÁRSHEGYI / Country: Hungary

Fleeting: Here & There
Directed by: Gilnaz ARZPEYMA / Country: Canada

Golden Margarite
Directed by: Keren KARASIK / Country: Israel

Graziano e la giraffa
Directed by: Fabio ORLANDO, Tommaso ZERBI /
Country: Italy

Directed by: Maria NITEK / Country: Poland

Directed by: Bea HOELLER / Country: Germany

Directed by: Stan LIEVENS / Country: Belgium

La Neige incertaine
Directed by: Romane TISSEAU, Marion BOISROND, Marie-Liesse COUMAU, Ada HERNAEZ, Gwendoline LEGENDRE /
Country: France

Maman, il a quoi le chien ?
Directed by: Lola LEFEVRE / Country: France

Manchmal weiss ich nicht wo die Sonne
Directed by: Samantha AQUILINO / Country: Switzerland

Directed by: Eleonora BERRA / Country: Switzerland

Na konec spirály
Directed by: Eliška KERBACHOVÁ / Country: Czech Republic

Directed by: Olivier BÉMER / Country: France

Nyugvó köd
Directed by: Fabian NIKOLETT / Country: Hungary

Omi-Maiko Station
Directed by: Jean GÉGOUT /Country: France

Directed by: Leo CERNIC / Country: Italy

Directed by: Sujin MOON / Country: South Korea

Directed by: Tiberio SUPPRESSA / Country: France

Directed by: Maddalena BROZZI, Laura CAGNONI, Sara MOSCHINI / Country: Italy

Rode Reus
Directed by: Anne VERBEURE / Country: Belgium

Directed by: Mona KEIL / Country: Germany

Directed by: André SANTOS MARTINS / Country: Germany, Portugal

Small Hours
Directed by: Marta SNIEZEK, Christian SPURLING /Country: Ireland

So Long (We Dreamt of This)
Directed by: Lewis HERIZ / Country: United Kingdom

To Kill the Birds & the Bees
Directed by: Calleen KOH / Country: Singapore

Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento
Directed by: Angélica RESTREPO, Carlos VELANDIA /Country: Colombia

Directed by: Andrea GUIZAR / Country: Poland

Wings for Butterflies
Directed by: Tilly WALLACE / Country: United Kingdom

TV Films in Competition

Arcane "Episode 6"
Directed by: Pascal CHARRUE, Arnaud DELORD / Country: USA

Caresses magiques "Doux Jésus"
Directed by: Lori MALÉPART-TRAVERSY / Country: Canada

Cherchez la femme "Ida Pfeiffer"
Directed by: Julie GAVRAS, Mathieu DECARLI / Country: Belgium, Bulgaria

Dos pajaritos
Directed by: Alejo SCHETTINI, Alfredo SODERGUIT / Country: Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay

Drôles d'oiseaux
Directed by: Charlie BELIN / Country: France

El Deafo "Part 1"
Directed by: Gilly FOG / Country: USA

Directed by: Isabelle FAVEZ / Country: Switzerland, France

Harley Quinn
Directed by: Juan MEZA LEON / Country: USA

Harriet the Spy "Hermit the Spy"
Directed by: Allison CRAIG / Country: USA

Human Resources "Birth"
Directed by: Henrique JARDIM / Country: USA

Libres ! "Gazon maudit"
Directed by: Ovidie RAZIEL, Josselin RONSE / Country: France

Louise et la Légende du serpent à plumes
Directed by: Hefang WEI / Country: France

Mitch-Match "#29"
Directed by: Géza M. TOTH / Country: Hungary

My Year of Dicks
Directed by: Sara GUNNARSDOTTIR / Country: USA

Open Bar "Épisode 01"
Directed by: Frédérick CHAILLOU / Country: France

Partie de Campagne "Épisode 106"
Directed by: Romain BORREL / Country: France

Pip and Posy "Night Pip"
Directed by: Matt TEA / Country: United Kingdom

Robin Robin
Directed by: Dan OJARI, Mikey PLEASE / Country: United Kingdom

Runes "La Grotte de Baligan"
Directed by: Jean-Louis VANDESTOC / Country: Germany, France

Sonny Boy "Episode 01"
Directed by: Shingo NATSUME / Country: Japan

The Cuphead Show! "Ghosts Ain't Real!"
Directed by: Adam PALOIAN / Country: USA

The House
Directed by: Emma DE SWAEF, Marc James ROELS, Niki LINDROTH VON BAHR, Paloma BAEZA / Country: USA

The Legend of Vox Machina "The Feast of Realms" / Directed by: Stanley VON MEDVEY
Country: USA

We the People "Taxes"
Directed by: Victoria VINCENT / Country: USA

Commissioned Films in Competition

#normadegénerobinaria: niñas
Directed by: Bernadita OJEDA, Cristian FREIRE / Country: Chile

2021 MixBrasil festival
Directed by: Fabio ACORSI, Luiz EVANDRO / Country: Brazil

A Future Begins
Directed by: Johnny KELLY / Country: USA, United Kingdom

Alima "L'Étoffe"
Directed by: Léo SATTIN, Seydou-Christian LOSSAPARDO / Country: France

Directed by: Wes ANDERSON / Country: France

Anifilm 2021 Trailer
Directed by: Eliska OZ, Lee OZ / Country: Czech Republic

Apex Legends "Metamorphosis"
Directed by: Robert VALLEY / Country: United Kingdom

Being Human "Tug of War"
Directed by: Jun Ha KIM / Country: United Kingdom

BIFAN 2021 "25 years"
Directed by: Kangmin KIM / Country: USA, South Korea

Directed by: Rajesh THAKAVE, Aman GUPTA/ Country: India

Bruit rose
Directed by: U.M.A. / Country: France

C'mon Tigre "Twist into Any Shape"
Directed by: Donato SANSONE / Country: Italy

Chicago Public Library "Bedtime Stories"
Directed by: Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS, Isabela LITTGER / Country: USA

Dior "A New Continent"
Directed by: Bárbara CERRO / Country: Argentina

Elton John, Dua Lipa "Cold Heart" (Pnau Remix)
Directed by: Raman DJAFARI / Country: Germany, United Kingdom

Head & Shoulders "The Chase"
Directed by: CRCR / Country: USA, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore

Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane "Ten Degrees of Strange" /
Directed by: Lynn TOMLINSON
Country: USA, United Kingdom

Kid Koala (Feat. Lealani) "Things Are Going to Change" /
Directed by: Dale HAYWARD, Sylvie TROUVÉ / Country: Canada

L'Impératrice "Hématome"
Directed by: Roxane LUMERET, Jocelyn CHARLES / Country: France

Les Garçons de l'été
Directed by: Julien HAZEBROUCQ / Country: France

Lunar Love & Ever
Directed by: Gabriel Gabriel GARBLE / Country: Malaysia, Sweden

Lux "Born This Way"
Directed by: Ralf KARAM, Federico RADERO / Country: Singapore

My Wife Is in Danger!
Directed by: Salvador MALDONADO / Country: South Africa, United Kingdom

Naraka Championship Trailer
Directed by: Hans-Christoph SCHULTHEISS / Country: China

Nebesna Sotnya
Directed by: Daryna ZGHUROVETS / Country: Ukraine

Orelsan "La Quête"
Directed by: Victor HAEGELIN / Country: France

Ottawa Animation Signal Film
Directed by: Angela STEMPEL / Country: USA

Premonition: On the Eve of Signing Treaty 6
Directed by: Barry BILINSKY / Country: Canada

Save Ralph
Directed by: Spencer SUSSER / Country: United Kingdom

Short Cuts "Le Cercle rouge"
Directed by: Iuliia VOITOVA / Country: France

Short Cuts "Prince des ténèbres"
Directed by: Caroline CHERRIER / Country: France

SLASH Filmfestival Trailer 2021
Directed by: Elias FLEISCHER, Franz MÜHRINGER / Country: Austria

Sumo - Jeux olympiques de Tokyo 2021
Directed by: Geoffroy BARBET-MASSIN / Country: France

Tanya Tagaq "Teeth Agape"
Directed by: David SEITZ / Country: Canada

TED-ED ''The Dark History of the Chinese Exclusion Act''
Directed by: Yijia CAO, Mohammad BABAKOOHI / Country: USA

The Transatlantic Slave Trade
Directed by: Christopher CARBONI / Country: USA

The Underestimated Villain
Directed by: Comfort ARTHUR / Country: Ghana, United Kingdom

Annecy International Animation Film Festival takes place 13-18 June in Annecy, France.

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