Eliane Gordeeff brings the news from Monstra 2019.

This Saturday, 30 March  we had the official closing of the Monstra Lisbon Festival,  with the announcement and delivery of the awards. As in every last festival night was made a panoramic report highlighting the main activities performed during these 10 days. And without a doubt, the participation of more than 25 thousand children - whether attending movie sessions or participating in animation workshops - is at the top of the list.

Two more highlights of the evening: it was the screening of the collective film held during a workshop held, nothing more than the admirable Caroline Leaf, during Monstra's days, one of the many parallel activities and training traditionally offered by the Festival; and it also exhibited (confidentially, to the festival participants) the new trailer of Aardman Production Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon-  to be released online this Monday.

Being a genuine Portuguese Festival, the last prize announced was the Best Portuguese Short Film - SPA, Vasco Granja Award, given to the film Porque é Este o Meu Ofício "BecauseThis Is My Craft".

Porque é Este o Meu Ofício
"Why This Is My Craft".

A simple drawing animation that addresses the issue of the passage of time and generations. Which was kind of a "surprise" since Agouro and Between Shadows have been the bogus of awards at festivals

Monstra Lisbon Festival Winners 2019

Portuguese Competition - Jury: Wendy Tilby, Catarina Sobral, Olga Titova

Best Portuguese Short Film, SPA  -  Vasco Granja Award
Porque é Este o Meu Ofício  / Because This Is My Craft (Paulo Ricardo Ferreira Monteiro,  Portugal, 20180)

Special Mentions
À Tona / Afloat (Filipe Abranches, Portugal, 2018)
Agouro / Augur (David Doutel, Vasco Sá, Portugal/France, 2018)

Audience Award
Entre Sombras / Between The Shadows (Alice Guimarães and Mónica Santos, Portugal/França, 2018)

Feature Film Competition - Jury: Olivier Calvert, Janet Perlman, Lara Pereira, Wilson Lazaretti,  Alexandra Ramires

Grand-Prix RTP – Best Feature Film
This Magnificent Cake! (Marc James Roels & Emma De Swaef, Belgium/France/The Netherlands, 2018)

Best Youth Film
Mirai (Mamoru Hosoda , Japan, 2018)

Best Soundtrack + Jury Special Award
The Tower  (Mats Grorud, Norway/ France/ Sweden, 2018)

Audience Award
Tito e os PássarosTito And The Birds (Gustavo Steinberg, André Catoto & Gabriel Bitar, Brazil, 2018)

Short Film Competition - Jury: Judith Gruber-Stitzer, Michele Bernardi, Martin Koscielniak, Paul Wenninger, Sandy Gageiro

RTP Grand-Prix – Best International Short Film
Egg (Martina Scarpelli, France/Denmark, 2018)

Special Mentions
Mitya’s Love (Svetlana Filippova, Russia, 2018)

Jury Special Award + Best Soundtrack
Bloeistraat 11 (Nienke Deutz, Belgium/The Netherlands, 2018)

Best Experimental Short Film
Conduz / Ride (Paul Bush, Portugal/ United Kingdom, 2018)

Best Portuguese Short Film
Agouro / Augur  (David Doutel, Vasco Sá, Portugal/France, 2018)

Prémio do Público - Audience Award
Entre SombrasBetween The Shadows (Alice Guimarães and Mónica Santos, Portugal/França, 2018)

Student Short Film Competition – Senior Jury: Amanda Forbis, Chi-Sui Wang, Tânia Duarte

Best International Student Short Film
A Gong  (Yen-Chen Liu, Ellis Kayin Chan, Zozo Jhen, Marine Varguy & Tena Galovic, France/ Taiwan, 2018)

Best Portuguese Student Short Film
Querido Algarve / Sweet Algarve (Catarina Gil, Portugal, 2018)

Special Mentions
A Blink Of An Eye (Kiana Naghshineh, Germany, 2018)
Las Del Diente (Ana Perez Lopez, USA/ Spain, 2018) https://vimeo.com/268638521

Audience Award
Sister (Siqi Song, China, 2018)

Student Short Film Competition – Junior Jury: Ana Rodrigues, Catarina Hipólito, Matilde Reis

Best International Student Short Film

A Blink Of An Eye (Kiana Naghshineh, Germany, 2018)

Best Portuguese Student Short Film

Sentir-Me / Feeling Myself  (Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino & Vanessa Santos, Portugal, 2018)

Special Mentions

Sister (Siqi Song, China, 2018)

Oneself Story (Géraldine Charpentier, Belgium, 2018)

Super Short Film Competition - Jury: Nadia Paschetto, Nuno Gervásio, Sílvia Namorado

Best International Super Short Film
Confetti (Àngel Estois, Mercè Sendino & Lucía Hernández, Spain 2018)

Special Mentions

Cycle (Sophie Olga de Jong & Sytske Kok, The Netherlands, 2018)
I Am Ok (Michel Digout, France, 2017)
Kinky Kitchen (Bea Höller, Germany, 2018)

MONSTRINHA Competition - Jury: Arlete Cruz, Daniel Meira, Manuel Guerra

Monstrinha Grand-Prix
The Metamorphosis Of A Bottle Cup (Kathryn Jankowski, Canada, 2018)

Special Mentions
3-6 y.o  – Swim  (Maike Mahira Koller, Germany, 2018)
7-12 y.o – Matilda  (Irene Iborra & Eduard Puertas, Spain/ Belgium/France, 2018)
+13 – Carlotta’s Face (Valentin Riedl & Frédéric Schuld, Germany, 2018)

Family Program
The Mosquito Pieks (Maria Steinmetz, Germany, 2017)

Monstrinha Audience Award

3-6 y.o – The Bulf (Adam Witkoeski, Marcin Domitrz, Poland, 2018)
7-12 y.o – Matilda  (Irene Iborra & Eduard Puertas, Spain/ Belgium/France, 2018)
+13 –  The Messenger (Lowe Haak, Denmark/ Sweden, 2018)

Family Program Audience Award
Cloudy (Zuzana Cupova, Filip Diviak, Czech Republic, 2018)

At the end of the ceremony, Artistic Director Fernando Galrito announced that Monstra Festival 2020 will be the commemorative edition for the 20 years of the festival and thee 75 years of ONU as well. The 2020 poster will be designed by Portuguese animator, José Miguel Ribeiro.

Let's wait for more animation!

Reported by Eliane Gordeeff, all photos by Cláudio Roberto

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