Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival: Selection Results 2023

Soft Lights and Sliver Shadows animation short

Out of 645 submissions from 79 countries, 54 animation documentaries were selected for the Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival. 20 films will compete in the Professional Doc category, 12 student films, and 6 films in the Mockumentary section.

The festival also includes its own Panorama (10 films), and a special section is devoted to Marcin Giżycki, an outstanding historian and theoretician of animated film, who passed away last year (The Eye and the Ear. In Memory of Marcin Giżycki).

The jury includes Ewa Ciszewska, Joanna Kożuch, and Michał Szcześniak, while a 3-person Student Jury (Jeremiasz Łabarzewski, Zuzanna Ślusarczyk, Konstancja Taraszka) will evaluate the student films.  The audience will also award their prize.

The full Animadoc lineup:


  • A LIVELY DISCUSSION WITH THE VOICE HEARERS (France 2022, 12:12), Director: Tristan Thil
  • ARMAT (Switzerland 2022, 11:37), Director: Elodie Dermange
  • COMING OUT AUTISTIC (United Kingdom 2022, 03:55), Director: Steven Fraser
  • CONSIDER THE END (Norway, Iran 2023, 28:22), Director: Pouria Kazemi
  • FASHION VICTIMS 2.0 (Spain 2023, 02:10), Director: María Lorenzo
  • FINDING HOME (Bulgaria 2022, 06:40), Director: Maria Stanisheva
  • GOLDEN HEADACHER (Finland 2022, 17:00), Director: Niina Suominen
  • I WOULD BE A MUSICIAN (Czech Republic 2023, 11:16), Director: Dita Stuchlíková
  • K8 (Mexico 2022, 05:35), Director: Miguel Anaya Borja
  • LITTLE BIRDS (Mexico 2023, 16:09), Director: Gabriela Badillo
  • MEMORIES IN THE CLOUDS (Finland 2023, 07:38), Directors: Kristina Laine, Albert Aleksanteri Laine
  • OUR UNIFORM (Iran 2023, 06:30), Director: Yegane Moghaddam
  • PHOENIX (Iran 2023, 05:35), Director Mona Shams
  • PLSTC (France 2022, 01:37), Director: Laen Sanches
  • ST. VITUS DANCE (France 2023, 12:00), Director: Bhopal
  • THE PINK JACKET (Portugal 2022, 08:20),  Director: Mónica Santos
  • THE SKATEBOOK (United Kingdom 2022, 05:12), Director: Sofia Negri
  • THE WAITING (Germany 2023, 15:35), Director: Voker Schlecht
  • TINY (Canada 2022, 16:21), Directors: Ritchie Hemphill, Ryan HachéTWO ONE TWO (Canada 2023, 04:10), Director: Shira Avni




  • 118 (Israel 2023, 17:15), Directors: Avichai Bloch, Shachar Loni, Lysa-Rose Zaoui, Shany Cnaan, Tony Danilchenko, Yaara Ruth Maimon, Gilit Bigman, Batya Gur, Opal, Li Cohen, Noy Beggagon, Tal Kuperstein, Berry Akerman, Aviv Kaufmann, Kira Pinhusovich, Sapir College - School of Audio and Visual Arts
  • A TASTE FOR MUSIC (United Kingdom 2022, 05:07), Director: Jordan Antonowicz-Behnan, Royal College of Art
  • ALL MY SCARS VANISH IN THE WIND (Colombia 2022, 14:18), Directors: María Angélica Restrepo, Carlos David Velandia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • ARCHITECTS' CRUISE (United Kingdom 2022, 02:36), Director: Simon Hamlyn, Kingston School of Art
  • GIVING UP WAS NOT AN OPTION (Germany 2023, 07:10), Director: Zeynep Sıla Demircioğlu, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
  • I WILL TAKE YOUR SHADOW (Germany 2022, 18:56), Director Ayala Shoshana Guy, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
  • PIPÁS (Hungary 2023, 08:58), Director: Lili Tóth, Metropolitan University
  • SOFT LIGHTS AND SILVER SHADOWS (United States 2023, 14:35), Director: Ian Kelly, Northwestern University
  • THE APPARENT CHAOS OF DIVERSITY (Portugal 2023, 04:38), Directors: Ateliers Colectivo Fotograma 24, Students collective 5th and 6th-grade Montemor-o-Novo school
  • THE DEVIL LIVES IN TORSHÄLLA (Sweden 2023, 08:22), Director: Hannah Marie Murphy, Nordiska Filmskolan
  • THE TRAIN OF MEMORIES (Taiwan 2023, 05:08), Director: Chen Chih Ming, National Taiwan University of Arts
  • VICIOUS CYCLE (United States 2023, 07:25), Director: Tianyun Lyu, University of Southern California

Best MOCK<anima>DOC

  • BACKFLIP (Germany 2022, 12:15), Director: NIkita Diakur
  • FROGSPORN (United Kingdom 2023, 03:15), Director: Rosanna Verdon-Roe, University of the West of England
  • HOOD140 (Austria 2022, 17:00), Director: Jakob Jakubowski, Academy of fine arts Vienna
  • THE HARBOURMASTER (Norway 2022, 07:17), Directors: Mia Ludvigsen Henriksen, Konrad Hjemli, Volda University College
  • THE SMILE (Netherlands 2022, 16:00), Director: Erik van Schaaik
  • WHY ARE COCKROACHES SO HARD TO KILL? (Greece 2022, 04:58), Director: Irida Zhonga


The Smile


  • DEAR MAHSA (Germany 2022, 05:15), Director: Martin Pflanzer
  • HADIS (Azerbaijan 2023, 09:19), Director Nazrin Aghamaliyeva
  • HEMORRHAGE (United States 2023, 04:07), Director: Ruth C Hayes
  • HEY HEY HO HO (Israel 2022, 03:22), Directors: Micha Yisraeli, Shalev Ben Elya
  • JIN (WOMAN) (Canada, Iran 2023, 03:20), Directors: Gilnaz Arpeyma, Arash Akhgari
  • LANGUAGE MATTERS (Ukraine 2022, 07:04), Directors Oleksandra Marushchak, Oleksandra Lysytska, UMCS
  • LITTLE SAHARA (Spain 2023, 30:00), Director: Emilio Martí López
  • SHE NARRATED IT (Egypt 2023, 04:20), Director: Marwa Abd Elmoneim
  • SHELTER UKRAINE (Ukraine 2022, 23:55), Director: Michael Murphenko
  • WILL YOU COME WITH ME? (Germany 2022, 01:56), Director: Derya Durmaz



  • CHAMBER OF SHADOWS (South Korea 2023, 11:20), Director: Seyoung Ok
  • IN SEARCH OF THE PROMISED MUSIC (Brazil 2022, 12:00), Director: Gabriel Bitar
  • LOÏE FULLER - THE ELECTRIC SPRITE (Germany 2021, 15:57), Director: Betina Kuntzsch
  • SILENT CHIRPING OF INVISIBLE DIGITS (Austria, Germany 2023, 10:11), Director: Vera Sebert

Loie Fuller

THE ORCHESTRA WILL PLAY UNTIL THE END:  non-animated music documentaries

  • JA'AZ (Iran 2022, 21:42), Director: Aphra Taghizadeh, University of Tehran
  • TIMBILA (Mozambique 2022, 19:56), Director: Andreas Scheibenreif

The 5th edition of Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival will take place on November 16-19, 2023 in Szczecin, Poland.

(central image: 'Soft Lights and Silver Shadows' by Ian Kelly)

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