The 2nd Be there! Corfu Animation Festival (Greece) announces selection results for its competitive section, with interesting names figuring in the lineup.

 49 films for the short competitive section and 34 graduation films have been selected for the 2nd Be there! Corfu Animation Festival.

 2 Oscar-nominated films are included: the quirky Dimanche (Patrick Doyon, Canada) and the zany A morning stroll (Grand Orchard, UK).

 The patriarch of US-independent animation, Bill Plympton, figures with his latest Summer Bummer. The Quay Brothers with their Stanislaw Lem adaptation, Maska, compete in the short film section.

There are also some festival favorites, such as Jason Carpenter's The Renter, Carlos Lascano ("A shadow of blue"), and Juan Pablo Zaramella ("Luminaris").

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival also features a feature-length competitive section (results by February), and will have a Cinanima (Espinho, Portugal) and AniFest (Teplice, Czech Republic) contribution to its program.

The festival starts on 29 March till 1 April 2012. The official festival site:



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