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Bergen International Animation Festival ReAnima has published its 2020 selection results.

Bergen’s first International Animation Festival aims to find and bring together the best of Scandinavian and international animation in one place. Its fourth edition takes place 12-15 November 2020.


The Witch & the Baby - Evgenia Golubeva Russia, 2020
StarsChasing - Laura Aldofredi Netherlands, 2019
Trilo-bite -Joshua Ralph Canada, 2020
BÉBÉ / BABY - Ornella Macchia, Gwendoline Gamboa, Margot Reumont, Lia Bertels Belgique, 2020
Athleticus saison 2 - Nicolas Deveaux France, 2019
The Creation according to Mother Earth / La creación según la Madre Tierra - Aldana Loiseau AArgentina, 2019
Beep and Tweet - Liza Desyatkova Canada, 2020
Harmony of the Woods / Mateo Barragán Ecuador, 2020
KRING! - Hilmi Ismail Malaysia, 2019
Deep Fears - Ryan Chu U.S., 2020
Plop - Kevin Duong Switzerland, 2020
MountainMove - Spencer Moreland Canada, 2020

Human rights

Sugarcane man - Tina Obo, Leroy Le Roux South Africa, 2019
De berde - Star Bazancir Sweden, 2020
The Departure - René Magaña El Salvador, 2019
Feu croisé / Crossfire - Ekin Koca France, 2019
Maji / Water - Cesar Diaz Spain, 2020
Tishala: Nothing to Lose - Brian Wachira Kenya, 2020


Earthfall - Simone Hooymans Norway, 2019
Genius Loci - Adrien Mérigeau France, 2019
Schast'e/ Happiness - Andrey Zhidkov Russia, 2020
The n.a.p. - Adolfo Di Molfetta Italy, 2018
"Já-Fólkið" / "Yes-People" - Gísli Darri Halldórsson Iceland, 2020
Autre chose / Something else - Joann Guyonnet France, 2020
Awkward - Nata Metlukh United States, 2020
Wochenbett / Postpartum - Henriette Rietz Germany, 2020
Kohannia / Deep Love -Mykyta Lyskov Ukraine, 2020
My Galactic Twin Galactic Galacton -Sasha Svirsky Russia, 2020
Treasure hunt - Paula García Finland, 2020
Orpheus - Priit Tender Estonia, 2019
How My Grandmother Became A Chair - Nicolas Fattoih Lebanon, Germany 2020


The Hunt - Ryan Jogi France, 2020
The Feathers That Smell of The Sea - Žoel Kastelic Slovenia, 2019
Night Session - Petre Tomadze Georgia, 2019
Pile - Toby Auberg U.K., 2019
Prästbarn - Joel Stenbäck Denmark, 2019
Baby fingers - Adrian Dalen Norway, 2020
Me and my magnet and my dead friend -Liu Moaning China, 2019
Doomsday Princess - Alyssa Ragni United States, 2020
Oljevegen / Oil Road - Alex Boyce U.K., 2020
Pust / Breath - Wenche Hellekås Norway - 2020
Intermission -Kristoffer Damskau, Isak Horgar Norway, 2020
Kaprysia, The Land of Whim - Betina Bożek Poland, 2018
Duszyczka / The Little Soul -Barbara Rupik Poland, 2019
Agape - Gabrielle Siraudin, Maxime Delsart,Adèle Fugier, Julie Griot, Thibault Magrit, Raina Patel France, 2020
Thin Ice - Pauline Epiard, Valentine Ventura, Tiphaine Burguburu, Clémentine Vasseur, Lisa Laîné, Élodie Laborde France, 2020
Tiny Tale -Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maŷlis Mosny, Zijing Ye -France, 2020
Psychophonic -Aline Romero Spain, 2020
Hijack139 -Joachim Berg, Sondre Johre Norway, 2020
Heat Wave - Fokion Xenos Greece, 2019
Pandiculation - Konrad Hjemli, Jakob Eiring Norway, 2020


Little Giants: An Apple a Day - Leandro E. Cerdá Argentina, 2019
Just a Guy - Shoko Hara Germany, 2020
Fata Morgana - Daniella Bokor, Leanna Berkovitch Israel, 2019
¿Dónde estabas tú?/ Where Were You? - María Trénor Colomer Spain, 2020
All Her Dying Lovers - Anna Benner & Eluned Zoe Aiano Germany / Czech republic, 2020


Fantasmia - Luise Fiedler Germany, 2019
Bookanima: Dance - Shon Kim S. Korea / USA, 2018
Eclosión - Rita Basulto México, 2019
Marbles- Natalia Spychala Poland, 2019
Ergot -Mariela Schöffmann Austria, 2020
Pulsator -Thor Sivertsen Norway, 2019
Paranoia - Roberto A. Padilla Sobrado México, 2019
Urban Sphinx - María Lorenzo Spain, 2019
Furious Loneliness - Daniel Zagórski Poland, 2019
Not Alive Yet - Leine Rubane Latvia, 2020


The Closing Door - Lucija Mrzljak Estonia, 2019
Very Noise - Meat Dept. France, 2020
Mr. Fear - Pablo Rafael Roldán, Ezequiel Torres Argentina, 2019
Leigh Woods - Theo W. Scott U.K., 2019
The Tower - Sunčana Brkulj Croatia, 2020
Everything A Lover Does - Emilia Zieser Germany, 2019
Pavement - Pierre Watteyne Belgium, 2020
Audacious - Qieer Wang, United States, 2020
Jay's Life - Charlie Mars & Kazy Usclef France, 2020
Moon - Maria Saveleva, Katya Mikheeva Russia, 2020
The Russian troops - Pablo M. Ballarín Spain, 2019
Cho Cho San - Yuanyuan Hu Japan, 2019
Don't Die - Greg Doble Canada, 2020

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