Animation (And Other Film) Festivals That Accept Long Short Films

Collage from recent long animation shorts

It is always difficult to fit in when your animation short is simply too long -not because of creative vanity, but simply because your story requires it. Animation and (short) film festivals are notoriously picky and suspecting when it comes to including in their programme animation shorts more than 20 minutes. If anything else, it makes the lineup of the same festivals smaller in comparison.

Still, long animation shorts have found their way into the festival circuit. Think of the 26-minute, pixilated 'Electra' by the Oscar-nominated Daria Kashcheeva; and the Polish animation short 'Zima' (Winter) by Tomasz Popakul, another festival hit and 26-minute film (and 2024 Oscar-qualified). The Bulgarian/Canadian 27-minute film by Theodore Ushev, The Physics of Sorrow' (which won the 2020 Annecy Cristal for best short film) is another case in mind; also, the 29-minute, Berlinale-premiered, 'It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad' (2019) by Mili Pecherer.

The following list details the animation and (short) film festivals that accept animation short of 25 minutes or longer (which means that if your film is shorter, it can still enter). This is no 'insider's' list - but if you need further advice, you can always use our festival consultancy service (our self-advertising :). The list is an enumeration of the festivals, sorted by the month they usually take place throughout the year -it simply implies that they accept longer films, not that they necessarily select them. But based on previous coverage, we know that a number of those festivals do programme longer shorts.

NB1: The majority of animation and (short) film festivals here listed have a separate, feature film component. If your animation film is of feature-length (50+) you can consult our coverage of the same festivals individually and their respective page.

NB2: We tried to include (whenever possible) the specific festival competitions in which longer shorts usually are programmed. In the absence of such info (or in the case of multiple categories), we left it blank -but you can still navigate both to the festival's page and our own coverage for further info.

Last, but not least, here's our current Next Deadlines segment; to familiarize yourselves with the updated deadlines of all animation festivals (including the ones that don't accept longer shorts), and programme your submissions.

Good luck with your long animation short!


    Short Film Grand Jury Prize, Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction, Short Film Jury Award: US Fiction, Short Film Jury Award: Animation, Short Film Jury Award: Non-fiction
    Accepts animation shorts under 50 minutes


Anima Festival Brussels 2023 Opening Night


Monstra Festival 2023 Winners 


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Anifilm Festival 2023 


    Best Animated Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Narrative Short
    Accepts animation shorts under 40 minutes (including documentaries, narratives, animation, experimental films, and music videos)

Animafest Zagreb 2023 Award Ceremony 



Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2023


StopTrik Festival 2023


    Short Films Competition for narrative, documentary, and animated short
    Accepts animation shorts up to 40 minutes (2023 edition)

Animest Festival 2023 


    Best Animated Short Film – First Place (Professional Jury Awards Competition), Best Live Action Short Film – First Place (Professional Jury Awards Competition)
    Accepts animation shorts up to 40 minutes (2023 edition)

PÖFF Shorts Award Ceremony 2023


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Cover photo: It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad / Electra / The Physics of Sorrow

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