The first stereoscopic, stop-motion Spanish thriller O Apostolo is released in Spain, and gets a US version.

o-apostolo3O Apostolo (The Apostle) [review] is a gothic thriller about an escaped convict who moves to a mysterious village with sinister old people, spirits and a strange parish priest.

It is directed by  Fernando Cortizo, and produced by Artefacto Producciones. Read the Zippyframes review. now reports that a US-dubbed version is currently under way, and the production crew seeks A-list US actors for the main roles. The Spanish voice cast featured Luis Tosar,  Paul Naschy, Jorge Sanz and Carlos Blanco and Geraldine Chaplin.


O Apostolo screened at the 2012 Annecy competition programme, and has now been released in Spanish theaters.


Watch the trailer (soundtrack by Philip Glass):


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