The Oscar-nominated Dutch director, and master of the absurdist humor, now goes back to the famous tormented Greek story of Oedipus.

oedipusHis 13' short has the curious (but rather short-sighted) Oedipus wondering about the mystery of life and the women, in a deadpan version of the Greek myth.

The Dutch Paul Driessen is notoriously known for his philosophical plot and minimalist lines. His 1998 film, 3 Misses was nominated for an Academy Award. Driessen started his career as an animator in George Dunning's Yellow Submarine.

Oedipus was screened at the 35th Ottawa International Animation Festival in September 2011, and is produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

Read the synopsis:

To Oedipus, women are an enigma. Why, with her bothersome husband finally out of the way, did his mistress inexplicably run off? Don't lose your head, thinks Oedipus. Just try to understand. And so the valiant young milkman embarks on an introspective  journey, a process of self-discovery and regression in which he retraces the path of his life.

Parodying the Greek myth, and throwing in a bunch of well-known NFB animated characters for good measure, director PaulDriessen offers up a backwards tragicomic version of the classic tale. Oedipus is Driessen at his absurdist best.



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