Simone Giampaolo

BIAF 2023 poster by Alain Ughetto

French animation director Alain Ughetto creates BIAF2023 identity, both its poster and trailer.

Vassilis Kroustallis review the hybrid live-action/animation feature 'Marcel the Shell With Shoes On' by Dean Fleischer Camp.

15 animation shorts advance to the Oscar race.

A selection of animation short that give a more indie feel in our holiday season.

Mikhail Gurevich reports from the 2021 edition of Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Find all the winners of the 5th ReAnima International Animation Film Festival, 11-14 November (Bergen, Norway).

The Overcome Film Festival, a festival dedicated to films efforts overcoming adversity, announced its 2021 winners.

The 13th edition of Weird Market, International Animation, Video Games and New Media Market and 3D Wire Fest, International Animation Festival announced its winners highlighting the best participating short films and projects. 

Joseph Norman reports for Zippy Frames from the Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, UK 2020.

Blue Zoo Animation Studio wishes everyone a Happy Christmas with their new festive short.


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