LUCA School of Arts: Professor in Future Directions in Animation

LUCA School of Arts: Professor in Future Directions in Animation

LUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary educational and research environment offers a full time appointment for an indefinite term in the position of professor ("docent" - salary scale 528) for which appointment at a later stage is possible in accordance with the existing rules and procedures.

The Animation program within LUCA School of Arts is based on two campuses: Brussel and Genk. The main work location would be Genk, where you will be involved in the regular Animation program and in the Re:Anima international joint master in Animation  Re:Anima, supported by Erasmus Mundus, is a collaboration between LUCA School of Arts, Universidade Lusófona (Portugal) and Aalto University (Finland). During the first semester of this 2-year master program an international selection of (mostly non-European) students will reside at C-mine Genk Campus, where the program focuses on research, artistic expression and dramaturgy in animation.

LUCA Audiovisual Arts is also part of FilmEU (in which four European higher education institutions collaborate around the common objective of jointly promoting high-level education, innovation and research activities in the multidisciplinary field of Film and Media Arts. This new partnership will also create international possibilities for research as well as education in Film and Media Arts.

The assignment consists of providing academic art education, mentoring assignments, artistically-oriented research, and social services. In addition to the academic duties, you may also be assigned organizational, coordinative or administrative tasks.

Your teaching assignment will mainly entail lecturing and mentoring in different aspects of artistic research. Specifically your teaching assignment will relate to:

  • Past, current and future trends in animation;
  • Visual concept development (stylistic, thematic and narrative/poetic/experimental);
  • Specific animation techniques (2D, 3D, stop motion, etc.) within your expertise.

The research assignment consists of the development of or collaboration with a research cluster within the domain of the Audiovisual Arts, focused on the campus' research domains. To this end, you will focus on supervising doctorate programs, postdoctoral programs, writing research publications and raising external project funding. You will develop a research line by setting up projects in the theme of “future directions of animation”, more specifically in at least one of the following domains:

  • Expanded animation: investigating future directions for Animation Film in the digital era, with a focus on exploring artistic possibilities of AR, VR, interactivity, procedurality, data visualization and/or digital distribution;
  • Animation Film as artistic expression: development of poetic or abstract narratives, experimental visual languages, crossover between animation and other arts;
  • Critical reflection through animation: identity construction, ethics and social commentary, activism, animated documentary.

This artistic research should be open for collaboration and crossovers between Animation, other (Audio)Visual Arts and, if plausible, with the other research clusters and educational programs (in photography and design).

Candidate profile

  • A Ph.D. in addition to a master's degree in the Audiovisual Arts (ideally Animation Film);
  • Professional experience as animation (film) maker;
  • Demonstrable relevant experience in a higher education teaching assignment in the domain of Audiovisual Arts and Animation. More particularly, the candidate should have experience in teaching visual concept development and animation film techniques (2D, 3D and/or stop motion);
  • A good knowledge of current and future trends in Animation Film and Audiovisual Arts;
  • Strong research portfolio (international research experience strongly desired) as well as experience in project coordination and funding acquisition (in an international context);
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills;
  • Strong didactic skills;
  • Ability to work autonomously, sense of responsibility and stress-resistant;
  • Enthusiastic, enterprising leader with inventive ideas, someone who looks for improvements and experiments with new concepts;
  • Proficient in Dutch and English in accordance with the language requirements applicable to higher education (or eager to learn Dutch in the short term) (Codex Hoger onderwijs art. II.270);
  • Loyal to the institution's assignment, mission, vision and education policy plan;
  • Willingness to incorporate your own artistic activity in the framework of artistic research.

Your application must contain a dossier (1 PDF) consisting of:

  • A cover letter outlining your vision on your future activities in the field of research as well as education at LUCA, and your added value for our school;
  • Your CV and portfolio;
  • An attestation of diploma (or declaration of equivalence of the requested diploma, if applicable).

Selection procedure

The selection consists of:

  • A preselection based on the submitted dossiers;
  • A selection interview with the candidates on the 10th June 2021;

  • Further details and apply
  • For more information on the position,  contact Geert Werkers, the campus Director of Audiovisual Arts, campus C-mine Genk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or, Dr. Niels Hendriks, head of the research unit Inter-Actions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For procedural questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Deadline: Send in your application by 16 May 2021, LUCA School of Arts, HR department through CV Warehouse.
  • Luca School of Arts webpage

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