Shorts Corner Choice 2020

Shorts Corner Choice 2020

Zippy Frames introduced a new initiative for awarding independent animation shorts.

Building on the amount and the quality of animation shorts submitted and selected in our Zippy Frames Shorts Corner,  we wanted to move one step further.

For shorts already selected in our Shorts Corner (read the guidelines how to submit) -which they were also available online, we asked our contributors to evaluate and pick up  2 professional animation shorts and 2 student animation shorts.

Here are their choices:

Carlotta's Face by by Valentin Riedl and Frédéric Schuld

The animation short stands out due to the beauty, fineness, and the metaphors despite showing the extreme difficulty of Carlota's condition. The documentary aspect of this animation and the attractive visuals also get stronger the story message and the audience's attention, giving a different sense, more subjective and particular for each viewer - Eliane Gordeeff

One of Many by Petra Zlonoga

One of Many, by Petra Zlonoga, is a beautifully inventive musing on the nature of subjectivity and multiplicity. Combining poetic voiceover with transforming mutable elements, the film's world is inhabited by animals, people and stars: together they flicker and flow in the cosmic breeze of their multiple interconnections. This distinctive film stood out through its imaginative visualization of how we perceive the world we inhabit - Joseph Norman

Student Films

Attraction by Emily Scaife

Attraction by Emily Scaife is a sensitively made film exploring microscopic organic form and insects. Using vivid colours and a hand-drawn approach, the animation mutates seamlessly between insect and fungal figuration and abstractly cosmic swarms of organisms. Foley builds an intimate interiority, evoking pollenated soundscapes and fungal eruptions: a beautiful and original work, both highly accessible and drenched with the mystery of Nature -Joseph Norman

Fuse by Shadi Adib
 For the straight and definitive form which the author found to represent the story of the film, this animation deserves a highlight. In addition, it was very well realized - in animation terms - with a difficult point of view to draw but perfect to put the audience into the narrative - Eliane Gordeeff

Further evaluations will occur at regular intervals.

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