'Undone' Animation Series Wins at the 2023 WGA Awards

'Rectify' episode from 'Undone' animation series

The time-bending 'Undone' of Amazon Prime (dir. Hisko Hulsing) just got awarded Best Animation in the Writers Guild Awards, jointly conferred to its screenwriters Elijah Aron & Patrick Metcalf for the episode 'Rectify'.

The limited animated series takes the case of Anna, who after getting into a nearly fatal car crash, Alma discovers she has a new relationship with time and uses this ability to find out the truth about her father’s death.

In September 2019, 'Undone' premiered on Amazon Prime; the show was created by Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg. Hisko Hulsing directed and production designed the first season of the 8-episode animated series. Its success led to a second cycle (2022), out of which the episode 'Rectify' (7th episode out of an 8-episode series) and its script was awarded at the 75th Writers Guild Awards.

Ruchel recounts her childhood in early-1930s Poland where she lives with her Jewish parents in a small village. One day, a police officer and member of the fascist National Radical Camp comes to see her mother, who is known as being able to see the future, to inquire whether his marriage proposal will be successful - 'Rectify' episode synopsis

The 'Undone' series was also nominated in the 2023 Annie Awards for Best TV/Media Limited Series award. 

The Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Animation award has been instituted since 2002, to compensate for the lack of nominations for animation programmes in the writing categories. Since its inception, 'The Simpsons' holds the record with 13 WGA wins (and 60 nominations overall).

'The Simpsons' show was again nominated this year (with 3 out of 6 nominations in the category), but 'Undone' got the prize instead.

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