PRODUCTION: Brazilian Powerhouse: Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest In Development

 Brazilian directors  Alê Abreu and Ruiz Bolognesi collaborate to bring to life a two-part animation feature project. Both the dynamic and urban Rio 2096: A Story of Love and  Fury and the minimalist Boy and the World won the Crystal for Best Feature at Annecy Festival, in an unprecedented back-to-back victory for Brazil in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

 Their feature slate will be Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest and  Immortals, in a common alliance of Filme de Papel (Boy and the World) with Bolognesi and Lais Bodanzky’s Buriti Filmes.

 “It gives us much more strength on the international market and brings continuity of employment to talented young Brazilian artists,” Bolognesi tells Variety .

 In Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest lost kids seek refuge from aliens and giants in an environmental setting resonating with fear and curiosity.

The adventurous tone is present in both Boy and the World and Rio 2096: A story of love and fury. Still, Bolognesi employs a more urban and post-modernist view in his film than the poetics of Abreu, so it's interesting to see how these two will combine in the projects.

Voyagers is set to completed by 2018, followed by Immortals in 2019.

The unexpected (but worthy) inclusion of Boy and the World in the Academy Award nominations may secure the international co-production partnerships Abreu and Ruiz Bolognesi still seek in both US and France to complete the project.




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