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Bizarre Fish from the Abysmal Zone still

Eliane Gordeeff reviews and talks to 'Bizarre Fish From the Abyssal Zone' animation director,Marcelo Marão; the trailer premieres exclusively at Zippy Frames.


Kropka talks to stop-motion animator Thiago Calçado, now working at the Pinocchio stop-motion project by Guillermo del Toro.

Eliane Gordeeff talks to Brazilian director Otto Guerra on his new animation feature film, City of Pirates (A Cidade dos Piratas), a production of the Otto Desenhos Animados, in partnership with Erica Maradona.

Being trans doesn't mean being typecast. Here's the review for the exquisitely dramatic Purpleboy animation short by Alexandre Siqueira.

A welcome entry into the string of recent Brazilian animation successes. Film review for Gustavo Steinberg's Tito and The Birds.

Eliane Gordeeff interviews Tania Anaya for her new feature animation in production, Nimuendaju.

The director of The Poet of Horrible Things talks to Zippy Frames about common taste, poetry and blood.

 Asifa Israel's chairman, Tsvika Oren,Tsvika Oren, talks to Anima Mundi director Cesar Coelho.

 A big tribute to Brazilian animation during the 2018 edition of the Annecy festival, and a separate focus on music and animation is scheduled.

The Oscar-nominated Alê Abreu (Boy and the World) and Ruiz Bolognesi (Rio 2096) team up for a new animated feature production.

A new Brazilian animation feature talks about love, civilization and the need for cultural identity in a disaster setting. Review for the adventure satire Until Sbornia Do Us Part.

Without being passionate enough, it is militant, beautiful and engrossing.  The film by Luiz Bolognesi, Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury.

Brazilian animator Henrique Barone contemplates a life above the ocean bed in The Man Who Saw A Boat. Watch the film.

An experimental playing with Pablo Neruda. Watch The Me Bird by 18bis studio, Brasil.

A Brazilian student film that shows that love can be blind, but never forgiving. Watch the short below.


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