Frickin' Times by XKopp Creative: A New German TV Series for Adults in the Making

Frickin' Times by XKopp Creative: A New German TV Series for Adults in the Making

Frickin’ Times aims to create a world in which every possibility of the future can be experienced at once. Inspired by time travel movies like “Back to the Future“ and adventure games from the 80s & 90s, the series jumps between present day and the future in 50 years, exploring how today’s small actions affect the future, what happens to individuals and whole societies.

This is one of the first German TV series for young adults and adults, directed by Irek Krett and produced by XKopp Creative, which was recently pitched at CEE Animation Forum.

The 10x22' TV series in the making follows the misadventures of the unequal twins Zoe and Adam, who are separated by time and have to get along with each other.

Watch the Frickin' Times teaser:

The main conflict in the show are not crazy adventures split through time, it’s more about a split family, friends at the right time and taking responsibility for the future.

A show for sci-fi young adults and adults, each episode is one complete adventure, using time-lapse sequences and split-screen montages. While the present soberly reflects our reality, each episode presents a different future in stark visual contrast. A modern synthwave soundtrack will be used as a main theme and music from new artists will be used for emotional moments.

CEE Animation Forum  Zippy Frames Sneak Preview: Taking responsibility for your actions even when transported to an expressionistic (and inviting in its own way) sci-fi setting. The irresponsible Adam and the too careful Zoe need to find a way to clear this mess in 2D animation. Outlines for 10 episodes have now been written; the project now looks for co-production partners and broadcasters.

Frickin' Times will apply for further development funds to National Medienboard & NRW Filmförderung to prepare a trailer with dialogue, while 10 detailed storylines have been completed, and a scriptwriter is attached. 

Project details
Sci Fi / Comedy,2D animated TV-Series 10 x 22min
Target audience: 16+ (young adult s & adults)
Director: Irek Krett
Producer: Ramin Sabeti
Production company: xkopp creative

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