Wade by Ghost: Indie Animation from India

 Coming from India, it is natural for a film to engage with both human and natural environment. But Wade is also a painstakingly hand-made affair as well.

 In the upcoming animated short, which has gone into crowdfunding, climate change brings together a small group of people and an ambush of tigers in a future Calcutta, flooded beyond recognition in the aftermath of sea level rise.

 A band of environmental refugees are wading through the skeletal remains of the city when they are suddenly attacked by a blood-crazed man-eater tiger. As the tiger stalks his final victim of the day, a blind girl, a massive ambush of tigers led by a matriarch who can walk on water arrives on the scene.


 Wade is one of the first classically animated projects in India to be born of a group of independent animators, forming the Ghost collective.



The film is currently in production, and here's the page to learn more and contribute.



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