Muedra, Nuit Chérie, Je Sors Acheter des Cigarettes Win 3DWire Awards

Muedra, Nuit Chérie, Je Sors Acheter des Cigarettes Win 3DWire Awards

The 11th edition of 3D Wire already has its winners, the short films Muedra and Nuit Chérie have been proclaimed winners of the contest by the jury in the Spanish and International category respectively, while Je Sors Acheter des Cigarettes is crowned as best European work.

With this list of winners, the Segovian event closes a cycle and announces its new name: Weird Market; a denomination that seeks to reflect the new forms of artistic expression that the event already accommodates, such as comics or board games.

The jury wanted to recognize in the Spanish section the work of Cesar Díaz Meléndez. Muedra gives a new recognition to this filmmaker's long professional career, which has undergone outstanding work as an animator in productions such as Frankenweenie by Tim Burton, Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman or Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson.

The international section, together with Belgian short film Nuit Chérie by Lia Bertels and French Je Sors Acheter des Cigarettes by Osman Certon,

the jury wanted to give a special mention to Sous le Castilage des Côtes (France, Belgique), directed by Bruno Tondeur.

The public's prizes for their part have fallen to the French short film Mémorable by Bruno Collet (International) and La Noria by Carlos Baena (National). Two of the 41 productions of the 41 that made up the official section, representing 20 different countries in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania.


The call for projects is another fundamental piece of this market, in this area there were a total of 153 selected from which a total of nine have been distinguished with several awards.

 The Movistar+ Short Film Project Award of this eleventh edition has been for Leopoldo that of Bar, by Diego Porral.

The recognition is endowed with the acquisition of the emission rights of the short prize awarded by Movistar+ and for an amount of 9,000 euros for a period of 2 years (unlimited number of passes), being the first year exclusively for the aforementioned channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in the 2020 or 2021 edition of this market.

For its part, RTVE chose the most innovative video game project. The winner has been Grey from Nómada Studio; being granted the possibility of being presented now to the RTVE Interactive Department.

 The recognition for the best series project of a young creator is The Mystery of the City of Cucut, by Héctor Arnau Fernández, who receives a free accreditation for the next edition of Annecy-MIFA (professional accreditation MIFA). Another recognized project is BFFS! Best Friends Forever Stranded !, its author José Balbuena takes a free place for the executive production course of animation short films, series and feature film of Media Training Consulting.

In the call for projects of online animation series Atomo Network, awarded the Atomo Grand Prix, to the best web series presented at the Festival, with the Australian The Twist by Brendan J. Doyle (Broken Yellow) as winner. On the other hand, the Ánima Prize for children's series online has been for the Spanish Laika, Space Adventures by Alex Cervantes (Hampa Studio).

The other two awards are the Atomic Robot Award for the Argentine. Can I keep it? by Rosario Carlino (Osa Estudio), and the Atomo Network Award for the Danish Tales of Alethrion - Season Two by Mikkel Mainz (Skjald Aps).

The prize list is completed by the “La Liga Award”, created in 2019. In its first edition, the winners have been the series T-Rey and the feature film Os demónios do meu avô. The first is a Spanish series (Barbara Animation Studio) in 2D directed by Aurelie Lilly Bernard and Jose Ignacio Molano (Mol) and the second is a co-production between Spain, Portugal and France (Sardinha em lata, Basque Films, Marmitafilms) directed by Nuno Beato.

The award is given to the Spanish producer and allows both works to travel to Ventana Sur Animation! next December in Buenos Aires. The institutions that collaborate in this initiative are INCAA, Ventana Sur, ICAA and La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana.

The 3D Wire Market is an International Animation, Video Games and New Media Market, an initiative of the Segovia City Council and the Ministry of Industry to boost the animation and videogames industry in Spain

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