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During the market 59 projects will be presented by their authors. One of the novelties of this edition is adding comics and board games to show the complete reality of the sector.

3D Wire Fest reveals its official section made up of 43 short films that will compete in its 12th edition.

Eliane Gordeeff talks to Nuria González Blanco about her latest animation project at Cartoon Saloon, Silly Sundays.

Eliane Gordeeff talks to Creator and director of 3D Wire International Animation, Video Games and New Media Market, José Luis Farias.

3D Wire selects 153 projects that represent the vanguard of animation end video games.

Zippy Frames Correspondent Eliane Gordeeff meets Portuguese animation director José Miguel Ribeiro at 3DWire to talk about his first animated feature film.

Zippy Frames Correspondent Eliane Gordeeff talks to Davide Freitas (Animais AVPL) about the highly interesting upcoming TV series The 7 Boxes.

Eliane Gordeeff reports from the latest edition of 3DWire International Animation Video Games and New Media Market (Segovia, Spain).

 Jose Miguel Ribeiro, The 7 Boxes and altogether a vast array of projects for the 10th edition of 3DWire Fest and Market in Segovia, Spain.

An impressive jury and guests line-up for the 10th 3DWire festival and market in Segovia, Spain.

All the winners of the first Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards.

Discover the finalists of the first Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards.

Vassilis Kroustallis reports from Segovia and the ninth edition of 3DWire.

3DWire selects 159 projects selected for the Segovia festival and market 3DWire.


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