PRODUCTION: Memoirs of a Man in Pyjamas

paco-rocaIn an interview at The Hollywood Reporter, illustrator and cartoonist Paco Roca stated that he is set to direct the comic Memoirs of a Man in Pyjamas,

The story has a 40-year-old who stays home all day in his pajamas, and narrates his memories in short animated episodes.

The film is based on the graphic novel by Paco Roca, who is also responsible for the script of the adult-themed Wrinkles (read review). Roca won a Goya award (the Spanish equivalent of an Academy Award) for the best adapted screenplay for the latter film.

Perro Verde films will produce the feature film. Manuel Cristobal states:

"The project is a way to continue working with a storyteller like Paco Roca and enjoy the possibility of a feature that is also a short series for web and TV. We are looking for brands interested in doing something innovative and fun".


In the meantime, Wrinkles competes at the Annecy International Film Festival (4-9 June)

See one of the drawings of the Memoirs of a Man in Pyjamas (version robot) by Paco Roca, and visit his site


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