Anya by Damien O'Connor

Anya by Damien O'Connor

 Damien O'Connor and Brown Bag Films present Anya, a short 3D film that details 20 years in the life of a Russian orphan.


 Anya is shamelessly sentimental, but respects the sensitivities of orphaned children by refraining from unnecessary dialogue or a glowing cuteness in its character design. Colour and shadings are matched in order to present an alternating feeling of warmth and momentary despair, and investigation of the vast orphanage becomes a welcome place of discovery.

Anya took 14 months to make. Production began in February 2013, when O'Connor travelled to the Hortolova Orphanage in Russia where the commissioning charity, To Russia With Love, operate,  to meet the children.

What started out as a small idea expanded as we heard the children's own stories. Everyone involved has been great. Moved by the children's plight, Infinite Studios in Singapore offered their services for free and the team in Brown Bag got behind the film 100%. By the end over eighty people spread across five countries have been involved in the production of ANYA," said Damien O'Connor.

For those who wish to support Irish charity 'To Russia With Love', either  text "HUG" to 50300 and donate €4 (IRELAND ONLY) or visit: and donate online.



Directed by Damien O'Connor
Produced by Edel Byrne
Music by Darren Hendley
Vocals by Lisa Hannigan
Narrated by Chulpan Khamatova

Title: ANYA
Duration: 5:30 min
Year of Production: 2014

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