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Closed Mondays animation still by Bob Gardiner & Will Vinton

50 years since the 1974 release of the claymation animation short 'Closed Mondays by Bob Gardiner and Will Vinton.

'Alpha Omega' animation still by Bruno Bozzetto

A short reappraisal of the Italian animation short 'Alpha Omega' by Bruno Bozzetto.

Girls Night Out by Joanna Quinn

Vassilis Kroustallis reappraises and reviews the celebrated feminist animation comedy of 'Girls Night Out' by UK filmmaker Joanna Quinn.

Harpya by Raoul Servais animation short

Vassilis Kroustallis writes about Raoul Servais' 1979 Cannes-awarded short, Harpya.

One of the prominent members of the Zagreb School of animation, Pavao Štalter died on Tuesday, 5th October in Zagreb at the age of 92. 

Mr. Pascal by Alison de Vere animation still

Vassilis Kroustallis reappraises the Annecy-awarded animation short Mr. Pascl by UK animation director Alison de Vere.


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