Fest Anča

The Oscar-nominated director will attend the Slovakian Žilina festival, 28 June-1 July 2018.

The 11th Fest Anča  Fest Anča Announces 2018 Selection, and focuses on political propaganda.

 Everything's ready for the 10th anniversary of the Zilina festival in Slovakia.

 Olga Bobrowska, festival director of StopTrik festival and Zippy Frames collaborator, continues her own animated festival trips, and tells more about films and people.

Call for entries open for Fest Anča festival in Slovakia. See details.

Surprise winners at the 9th edition of the Slovakian fest.

The Slovakian fest boasts an auteur-driven attitude for its 2016 edition.

The 9th edition of Fest Anca International Animation Festival is now open for animation entries.

All the awards of the Slovakian fest.

The esteemed Estonian animation filmmakers  Priit and Olga Pärn and their work will be one of the highlights of the Slovakian fest.

The 8th Fest Anča is calling for submissions.

All winners of the Slovak animation fest, Fest Anča.

Fest Anča 2014 is now launching call for submissions.

International animation festival Fest Anča in Zilina, Slovakia has launched a call for entries for its 2013 edition.

Polish victory at the 5th edition of Fest Anča, in Žilina Slovakia.


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