The trailers for the 86 TV projects during the latest edition of the prermiere European pitching forum in September 2018.

 Jose Miguel Ribeiro, The 7 Boxes and altogether a vast array of projects for the 10th edition of 3DWire Fest and Market in Segovia, Spain.

https://9story.com/location/dublin/A French, an  Irish and a Finnish company are the winners of 2018 Cartoon Tributes.

Barry Purves, Angela Poschet, Alvaro Ceppi, Wim Vanacker Nancy Denney Phelps among the highly interesting full programme of 2018 Animarkt Stop Motion Forum in Lodz.

A  three-day networking and animation innovation event in Athens, including Laure Goasguen, Karin Vanderydt, Anne Brotot, Nancy Denney Phelps, Nora El Bekri, and Tünde Vollenbroek.

Brent Butt, Fred Seibert headline The Animation Conference by the  2018 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

3 distinctive stop-motion animation workshops are conducted during the 2nd edition of the Lodz pitching forum Animarkt. Find all participation details.

Slovakian director and producer, and organizer of the upcoming CEE Animation Workshop in Ljubljana (2-6 Dec 2017) Juraj Krasnohorsky, answers our questions.

There are many animation pitching sessions, but here's one exclusively devoted to stop-motion puppet animation.

Call for entries for stop-motion projects to be pitched during the second edition of ANIMARKT, Poland.


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