3D Wire Focuses on Transversality of Animation and Video Games

3D Wire Focuses on Transversality of Animation and Video Games

The 3D Wire Market advances some of the star presentations of its next edition. The Exit 73 studio with its project #BLUD, Able & Baker and Blow, that have participated in the Netflix series: Love, Death + Robots, and B Water Animation Studios with Wise Blue Studios, will be some of the headliners this year. They will address issues that currently mark the sector, such as the conversion of animated projects in video games and vice versa; remote management and production in markets such as the United States; or the new way of working in animation with video game engines. One of the most keenly-awaited presentations will be the one that goes around the #BLUD project of the Exit 73 studio. In it, Chris Burns (founder and director of the studio) and Cody Greenhalge (video game programmer) will expose their experience and will enter into the reconversion of an animation project into a video game one. A field that opens a wide range of possibilities to the creators when finalizing their project. 

#BLUD was originally created as a series, making a one-minute short film to show the concept, but after being abandoned for a while, it was Cody himself who proposed his conversion into a video game. The synergies between sectors joined the original creators with various programmers to achieve a playable demo in October 2018. Now as a video game it has generated great expectation, with reviews in prestigious magazines such as EDGE and will soon be a reality. Exit 73 is an animation studio specialized in 2D, frame by frame work; they have a client portfolio where names such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or The Tonight Show television show presented by the winner of six Emmy Awards: Jimmy Fallon appear. Another highlight of 3D Wire will be the presence of Able & Baker and Blow studios, both have participated in Netflix's animation anthology: Love, Death + Robots. While the former has made the animation production of the episode The Dump, the latter have been responsible for the same work in the episodes Three Robots and When the Yogurt Took Over.

The presentation will revolve around how to work in the United States and what challenges a study faces working remotely on a project as complex as this. The series, nominated for two Emmy awards, combines genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy through animated stories for adults and all this from the hand of Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Seven, The Fight Club, The Social Network). Finally, animation with video game engines will be another important point of the event. The Tenerife study B Water Animation Studios and the Valencian Wise Blue Studios will address the issue from two real cases. A new work system that has arrived to stay and that goes beyond the technological part.

Both studies will try to analyze the challenges that come up, as well as the strengths and weaknesses that arise from this change. The people of Tenerife have developed, thanks to Unity, a pipeline unique in the world in their latest production: the Treasure Trekkers series. On the other hand, the Valencians Wise Blue are pioneers in creating one of the first animated series produced in real time with Unity: Hero Dad.

The list of short films that will participate in the festival, 3D Wire Fest, as well as the projects selected for this 2019 edition, will be revealed in the coming days. Accreditation period is open, with young creators and professionals born or residing in Castilla y León having free accreditation. The 11th 3D Wire Market takes place from October 3rd to 6th in Segovia.

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