Weird Market Selects 203 Animation, Video Games, Comics And Board Games Projects

Weird Market Selects 203 Animation, Video Games, Comics And Board Games Projects

The 12th edition of the Weird Market confirms the selection of a total of 203 projects for its 2020 catalogue. A collection of works that is made up of 16 feature films, 39 short films, 28 animation series, 35 video games, 27 web series, 14 transmedia projects and as a novelty this year 25 comics and 19 board games. An expansion in the calls that responds to the reality of the animation, video games and new media sector.

The Segovian event will be held from September 30th to October 4th and will feature online presentations adapted to the social and healthcare reality that will open the event to new audiences online; Outstanding names such as Roc Espinet, Diego Porral, David Fidalgo, Víctor Sevilla “Monigote”, Myriam Ballesteros, José María Fernández de la Vega or long-awaited proposals such as the Gylt video game from Tequila Works or the comic Sicarios, have confirmed their participation.

In the cinematographic section, the selection has more than fifty productions where we can find up to 16 feature films. The authors of four of these feature film projects will be present virtually as is the case of Roc Espinet, who will talk about Girl and Wolf, the adaptation of his own graphic novel; a work already published in four languages and which was presented in this same framework in 2016.

Two other feature film projects that will be part of the official program will be Hanna and the Monsters by Lorena Ares and Sierra Dragon by Pepe Sánchez Alonso. The first is a co-production between Spain, Ireland, Belgium and France that seeks to bring a sensitive issue such as bullying closer to children. For its part, Sánchez Alonso's work is aimed at a teenage audience and was selected in the last edition of Cartoon Movie.

The Spanish-Portuguese profile of the call is clear with the presentation of the Portuguese The Devil’s Little Couple, by Jerónimo Rocha and João Miguel. This film is the second joint work of both directors after the award-winning short film of 2015: Macabre.

Within the 39 short films from Spain and Portugal, a total of 8 projects will be presented, including Nacer by Roberto Valle, in which a team of more than 30 people works, some winners of Goya Awards or who have participated in multi-award-winning films such as Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles or the Oscar nominee Klaus.

Three other works that will participate actively will be Interns by Marina Donderis, Nuria Poveda and Marina Cartón; He Ran Towards His Comrade by Genís Rigol and Leopoldo el del Bar by Diego Porral. The three projects participated in the last edition of the Mexican festival Pixelatl, highlighted as young Spanish talents, the result of the collaboration between ICAA, Pixelatl and Weird Market. Porral's work was also awarded last year at the Weird Market with the Movistar + Short Film Project Award.

Like Diego Porral, the director David Fidalgo also knows the event in depth and in 2020 he will present his new short film project Sandwich Cat, also selected at Sitges Coming Soon. With his previous work, Homomaquia, he was nominated for the Goya Awards.

Three more short films complete the program: La primavera siempre vuelve by Alicia Núñez Puerto, El último muflón by Omar Razzak and Shira Ukrainitz (their second work together after the success of Confined Spaces), and Panorama 0 by Edgar Burgos (Moz & I).

The series section is made up of 28 works; Among them Trokers, Our Future Is in Their Hands, by Víctor Sevilla Galindo “Monigote” will be presented. This is his new job after the international sales success of the feature film released this 2020 Turu, the Wacky Hen.

More details about Masked Cinderella by Myriam Ballesteros, selected this year in Cartoon Forum will also be known. or Jimmy & The Magic Key by Lluís Viciana and Xavier Carmona, whose protagonist is the alter-ego of the concert artist James Rhodes.

Other novelties that will have their space in this same section are the international co-production Royals Next Door by Veronica Lassenius, the Portuguese co-production The Saskatoons by Evgenia Golubeva, and the Spanish Villa Fábula by Víctor Marín and Welcome to Fucking Rainbowland by Nacho Subirats and Nuño Benito.


The selection of projects for this edition of Weird Market covers a total of 35 video games and among them, some of the most anticipated titles that are currently being produced in the Iberian Peninsula, will be presented.

Proposals as ambitious as Gylt from Tequila Works, which revealed some details at E3 last year and is scheduled to be launched for Google Stadia; Unmemory by Patrones y Escondites; Ludipe & Bitmoo with Pokey Dokey Paradise; Tessera Studios with ROOT: Rise of the Revolution; or the Portuguese Once a Bird with Outsider: After Life.

Other companies that have raised great expectations in the sector and that will not miss the appointment are Calathea Game Studio to talk about Inner Ashes, a proposal that places the player in the skin of a person with Alzheimer's, and Tanuki Game Studio with The Library of Babel; both studies have been selected by PlayStation Talents in their last two editions.

The diversity of proposals will be evident in titles such as Oniria Crimes by cKolmos Game Studios where visual novel is mixed with graphic adventure, The Pizza Situation by 3BYTES that presents a social media simulator with surreal narrative, or the relaxed and colorful experience of Summer in Mara by Chibig.

Finally, the Galician multidisciplinary Digital Monster Collective, focused on the production of short films, animation, video games and applications, will delve into The Deepest, Greatest and Craziest Love Story Ever.


Multiple countries from three different continents come together in the selections of web series and transmedia projects. In the first section there are 27 works that are included in the catalogue and a dozen of them (from America, Asia and Europe) will advance news during the course of the Castilian-Leon event. The Spanish Vip Pets by Álex Cervantes and Manu González, the Canadian I Was There by Arnaud Bouquet, the Mexican F#%@ My Family by Ricardo Abraham Ibarra or the more exotic AstroLOLogy by Ken Foong (Malaysia) and Celflux by Everard McBain (Trinidad and Tobago) are some examples.

France and Argentina are the two countries that will present the most webseries proposals during the event; three of them will be French: Fail in Love by Cécile Rousset, Romain Blanc-Tailleur and Adrienne Nowak; Brazen by Charlotte Cambon and Mai Nguyen, as well as Women Undercover by Aurélie Pollet. For its part, the Ibero-American country will feature two productions: E.go – Inner Problems In Outer Space by International Emmy nominee Sebastián Mignogna and Toque de quena (gente rota) by Gabriel Lucero, a viral phenomenon that unites animation and audios by WhatsApp.

Regarding the 14 European transmedia projects, there will be a presentation of the Franco-Italian production Mash & Co by Katrin Ann Orbeta. Next to her, three Spanish women; Melbits by Alex Cervantes, Behind the Eyes by Belén Montero, which features part of the production team of the short film winner of the Goya Decorado, and The V.H.S. Gang by José María Fernández de Vega, a filmmaker responsible for the short Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, the seed work of the Goya and EFA-winning feature film produced by Fernández de Vega himself.


One of the important novelties of this edition was the opening to new formats of animation such as comics and board games. For this reason, the call for projects for the 2020 edition had these two new sections that bring together 25 and 19 proposals respectively.

Several prominent authors will intervene during the 12th edition of the market, such as the aforementioned Roc Espinet with his comic Harpoon or Roberto Carroto who with Sicarios caught the attention of Aces Weekly, the digital magazine of cartoonist David Lloyd (V for Vendetta). There will also be Claudio Cerdán, creator of Iscariot; This versatile artist has an important international literary career (Cien años de perdón, El club de los mejores), in addition to having made several scripts and short films.

Οther comics that will have a prominent space will be the Spanish Crepanquine vol. I & II by Caro Waro and Garbunka, Summer Stories by Yago de Hita and Leyre Granero, along with the Dutch Worst Case Scenario Graphic Novel by Richard Raaphorst and Eron Sheean.

Regarding board games, the Weird Market programming has confirmed a wide range of works of all kinds of genres: family games, for a teenage audience, fantasy or sport games, among others. With important creators such as the Catalan Francisco "Pak" Gallego who will bring Instacrime; Gallego is the creator of hits such as Guerra de mitos or Fanhunter Assault.

The confirmed list is completed by An Anthology of Cozy RPGs by Ludipe, DinoZombies by Pablo Alonso Lasagabaster, Kaboom Universe by Álvaro G. Echave, Kingdom's Candy: Monsters by Zemilio and Joe Slack, Bitter Cup by José Manuel Fernández Aguilera, Pitch & Plakks by PLAKKS, Spytech, by Pedro Berenguel Nieto and Zoocracy by Simon Haas.

The 203 projects aspire to win one of the awards of this edition. The prizes to which they are competing are the Movistar + Short Film Project Award, the Interactive RTVE Award for the Most Innovative Video Game Project, the Award for the Best Young Series Project Creator (Annecy-MIFA), the Átomo Network Award, the Robot Atómico Award and the Átomo Grand Prix Award.




Animalypse, by Santiago Riscos. Spain
Clay, by José Prats (ONE6TH). Spain
Interns, by Marina Donderis, Núria Poveda & Marina Cortón (GYOZAS ANIMATION). Spain
Big Box, by Nuria Ricart Torreño (MASTER EN ANIMACIÓN UPV). Spain
Cafunè, by Carlos F. de Vigo & Lorena Ares (DR. PLATYPUS & MS. WOMBAT STUDIOS). Spain
Claw Machine, by Marcos Becerro Barrera (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Communication Lost, by Pablo Muñoz & Vicente Mallols (PANGUR ANIMATION). Spain
He Ran Towards his Comrade, by Genís Rigol (DEVICE). Spain
Hunting, by Curro Bernabéu (RUNTUN FILMS). Spain
Dennis, by Carlos Beceiro & Guillermo Garzón (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Evil, by Carlos Martínez Moreno & Paula Rus García-Moreno (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Gaia, by Icíar Leal Martínez (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Gilbert, by Jordi Jiménez Xiberta. Spain
The Grumpy Ghost, by Alejandro Relloso (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Gurrú, by Marcos Llorens & Amaia Malalana (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Inanimado, by Aina Gallardo. Spain
Lágrimas de dragón, by Iñigo Alvarez Aguado & Antonio García Tardón (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Leopoldo el del Bar, by Diego Porral. Spain
Lingokids – Don’t Stop Baby Bot, by Guillermo Carsi (LINGOKIDS). Spain
Loop, by Pablo Polledri (UNIKO). Spain, Argentina
Lullaby Aquarium, by Ana María Mendicote & Queralt de Miguel (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Mercury Corp., by Jesús García Guijarro (ESDIP ANIMATION STUDIO). Spain
Midnight Hours, by Jaime López Sánchez & José Couso Jiménez (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Myself and I, by Aina Gallardo. España
Nacer, by Roberto Valle (AUNTIE FILMS, UNIKO). Spain
Niomon, by Javier Morando & Ana Fernández (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
No-persona, by Isabel de la Torre (ESTUDIO ISABEL DE LA TORRE). Spain
Look, by Nuno Amorim (ANIMAIS). Portugal
Red Gold, by Carme Gomila (LAUDIOVISUAL PROD.). Spain
Panorama 0, by Edgar Burgos (BIG SHIVA). Spain
La Prima Cosa (Kookoo Rikoo), by Omar Razzak & Shira Ukrainitz (TOURMALET FILMS, AMALIA STUDIO, MARMITA FILMS). Spain, France
La primavera siempre vuelve, by Alicia Núñez Puerto. Spain
Sandwich Cat, by David Fidalgo Omil (DIGITAL MONSTER COLLECTIVE). Spain
Souls, by Constantín Bravo & Roman Shemchuk (U-TAD PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Three Comma Fourteen, by Joana Nogueira & Patrícia Rodrigues (ANIMAIS). Portugal
The Puppet (Txotxongiloa), by Sonia Estévez (TIK TAK FILM STUDIO). Spain
El último muflón, by Omar Razzak & Shira Ukrainitz (TOURMALET FILMS). Spain


The Devil’s Little Couple, by Jerónimo Rocha & João Miguel Real (TAKE IT EASY – PRODUÇÕES AUDIOVISUAIS). Portugal
DinoGames, by Lorena Ares & Carlos F. de Vigo (DR. PLATYPUS & MS. WOMBAT STUDIOS, BELGA FILMS). Spain, Belgium
Girl and Wolf, by Roc Espinet (SYGNATIA, HAMPA STUDIO). Spain
Hanna and the Monsters, by Lorena Ares (DOCE ENTERTAINMENT, MR MIYAGI FILMS). Spain, Ireland, Belgium, France
La luz de Aisha, by María Antolini (LA LUZ DE AISHA A.I.E., MAGO PRODUCTION, GODO FILMS, MISTRAL FILM STUDIO). Spain, France, Germany
Mia y la fábrica de la Navidad, by Iker Álvarez (BALEUKO, MANEKI, POLAR STUDIO, MAQUINA VISUAL). Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru
Muna ojos de luna, by Jaime Maestro (WHITE LEAF PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Norbert, by José Corral (CAPITÁN ARAÑA). Spain, Poland
Ravenclaws, by Jose Manuel Navarro. Spain
They Shot The Piano Player, by Fernando Trueba &Javier Mariscal (THEY SHOT THE PIANO PLAYER, FERNANDO TRUEBA PC). España, France, Portugal, The Netherlands
Sierra Dragón, by Pepe Sánchez Alonso (LA FIESTA PC). Spain
A Smartphone Story, by Nacho La Casa (CAPITÁN ARAÑA). Spain
Unicorn Wars, by Alberto Vázquez (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS, AUTOUR DE MINUIT, UNIKO). Spain, France
Valentina, by Chelo Loureiro (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS, ANTARUXA). Spain
El viaje imposible, by Abraham López Guerrero (EL VIAJE IMPOSIBLE, P.C.S.L.). Spain
¿Vida en Marte?, by Raúl Serrano & Daniel Borrego. Spain


Byron & the Flea, by Valerio Veneras (EL RECREO STUDIO). Spain
Masked Cinderella, by Myriam Ballesteros (MONDO TV IBEROAMÉRICA, MB PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Central Park Nursery, by Virginia Curiá & Tomás Conde (ALGARABÍA ANIMACIÓN). Spain
Living Science, by Pedro Lino (TAKE IT EASY – PRODUÇÕES AUDIOVISUAIS). Portugal
Oconowocc, by Carlos Román Bastida. Spain
She + He, by Claudio Roberto & Gordeeff (QUADRO VERMELHO PRODUÇÕES). Portugal, Brazil
Elsie: Magical Detective, by María Larín, Nicole Herrera, Javier Asensio & Felipe Armand (CALAVERES ANIMACIÓ). Spain
FOO, Forgotten Office Objects, by Alfonso Fulgencio (PARAMOTION FILMS). Spain
Game & Haunted, by Marco Antonio Palacios & Alejandro Peréz (MARKANIME STUDIOS). Spain
The Inner Life, by Pablo Muñoz & Vicente Mallols (PANGUR ANIMATION). Spain
Jimmy & The Magic Key, by Lluís Viciana & Xavier Carmona (IMAGIC TV). España
Karetabla, by Carlos Zerpa (MECHA COOPERATIVA, OSA ESTUDIO). Spain, Venezuela, Argentina
Not-a-Cat Cat, by Irene Chica (WACKAMOLA). Spain
The Other Ark, by Abraham López Guerrero (ESDIP ANIMATION STUDIO, WISE BLUE STUDIOS). Spain
A Piece Of Peace, by Beltrán Pérez & Jacobo Albán (MECHA COOPERATIVA, LARDUX FILMS). Spain, Venezuela, France
Pete&Bern’s, by Bernardo Pacheco & Pedro Rodrigues (SARDINHA EM LATA). Portugal
Planet Ripos, by Manuel J. Garcia Pozo & Henrique Vera Villanueva (VIDOXMEDIA GROUP, GENIAL MEDIA, H2V DISTRIBUTION). Spaina, Canada
Princesa por apocalipsis, by Raquel Juan Maestre (WACKAMOLA). Spain
Puu & I – Way Up High, by Gerard Cornella, Clèment le Strat & Nicolas Haye (WIDEFRAME STUDIO, STUDIO REDFROG, IQIYI). Spain, France, China
Royals Next Door, by Veronica Lassenius (PIKKUKALA OY, PIKKUKALA BARCELONA, INK& LIGHT, LUNANIME). Spain, Finland, Ireland, Belgium
The Saskatoons, by Evgenia Golubeva (SARDINHA EM LATA). Portugal
The Seven Boxes, by Nuno Amorim (ANIMAIS). Portugal
Trokers, Our Future Is In Their Hands, by Víctor Sevilla Galindo, “Monigote” (FILMAX, VESPER PRODUCTIONS). Spain, Portugal
Kepler Trips, by Diego Lodeiros (LA QUADRA). Spain
Villa Fábula, by Victor Marin (INVICTUS DESIGNS PRODUCTIONS). Spain
Welcome to Fucking Rainbowland, by Nacho Subirats & Nuño Benito(MOA STUDIO). Spain


Alt254, by RENAME STUDIO. Spain
Blackstorm, by LOST CRITERIA STUDIOS. Spain
BodyQuest, by DIDACTOONS GAMES. Spain
Clid the snail, by WEIRD BELUGA STUDIO. Spain
The Deepest, Greatest and Craziest Love Story Ever, by DIGITAL MONSTER COLLECTIVE. Spain
Elliot, by PLAIN AND GAME STUDIO. Spain, Ecuador
Fifo’s Night, by LIGHTBOX ACADEMY. Spain
The Five Covens, by RBORN GAMES. Spain
Guayota, by TEAM DELUSION. Spain
Gylt, by TEQUILA WORKS. Spain, USA
Hell Of Fame, by BROKEN FRAME. Spain
HyperParasite, by TROGLOBYTES GAMES. Spain
Ikai, by ENDFLAME. Spain
Inner Ashes, by CALATHEA GAME STUDIO. Spain
The Library of Babel, by TANUKI GAME STUDIO. Spain
Magic Twins, by FLYING BEAST LABS. Spain
Magical Prisma, by BULLWARESOFT. Spain
The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo, by GAMERANEST. Spain
Necrognomicon, by VENTEK GAMES. Spain
Oniria Crimes, by CKOLMOS GAME STUDIOS. Spain
Operation Highjump, by MANSION GAMES . Spain
Outsider: After Life, by ONCE A BIRD. Portugal
The Pizza Situation, by 3BYTES. Spain
Pokey Dokey Paradise, by LUDIPE & BITMOO. Spain, United Kingdom
Pots and Potions, by FAT DUCK SQUAD. Spain
Quest 4 Papa: Reloaded, by DIGIPEN EUROPE-BILBAO & RUMBA CORP. Spain
Relicta, by MIGHTY POLYGON. Spain
ROOT: Rise of the Revolution, by TESSERA STUDIOS. Spain
Summer in Mara, by CHIBIG. Spain
Tiki Adventures, by GOLDEN COCONUT STUDIOS. Spain
unmemory, by PATRONES Y ESCONDITES. Spain
1989, by Paola Terán (SUM FORTIS FILM & ARTS). Peru
Fail in Love, by Cécile Rousset, Romain Blanc-Tailleur & Adrienne Nowak (DARJEELING PRODUCTIONS). France
AstroLOLogy, by Ken Foong (LEMON SKY STUDIO). Malaysia
The Adventures Of Fly Children, by Ana Comes (POTAJE CREATIVO). Argentina
Cairi, by Mathew Hudson (JUMBIEBIRD ANIMATION). Trinidada and Tobago
Camgirl’s Diary, by Diego Carrillo (JAHLONLINE STUDIO). Colombia
Celflux, by Everard McBain (GEMGFX). Trinidada and Tobago
Corona is Love, by Vivek Mohadikar (MISFITS ORIGINALS). India
Brazen, by Charlotte Cambon & Mai Nguyen (SILEX FILMS). France
Deranged, by Bella Onori & Madelyn Geeting. USA
E.go – Inner Problems In Outer Space, by Sebastián Mignogna (EL PERRO EN LA LUNA). Argentina
Women Undercover, by Aurélie Pollet (QUARK PRODUCTIONS). France
I Was There, by Arnaud Bouquet (URBANIA TV). Canada
The God of The Wilderness, by Everard McBain (GEMGFX). Trinidada and Tobago
Tata Toro’s Farm, by Rubén Miranda Trujillo (THE MAGIC FACTORY PRODUCCIONES). Chile
Let’s Be Cousins, by Harry Mayers (HAZARD HOUSE STUDIOS). United Kingdom
Moments of Clarity, by Tim Logan (ELECTRIC YAK). Australia
Oihanbeltz, by Maider Ávila Arenas. Spain
F#%@ My Family, by Ricardo Abraham Ibarra (RÍE ANIMATION). Mexico
The Fluffies, by Vivian Altman Ebehard & Sergio Gambier Campos (LIMONKA AUDIOVISUAL CREATIVITY). Brazil
People These Days, by Nikita House. United Kingdom
The Red Bolt, by Juan Antonio Limo & Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo (VIRINGO ENTERTAINMENT). Peru, France
Sara Baku The Dream Hunter, by Camila Guerra & Antonella Chalco. Argentina
Sköp, by Þórey Mjallhvít (FREYJA FILMWORK). Iceland
Toque de quena (gente rota), by Gabriel Lucero. Argentina
Trip to the Hollow Earth, by José Gerardo Gómez (TELEQUINETICA). Mexico
Vip Pets, by Álex Cervantes & Manu González (HAMPA STUDIO). Spain


Clouzy!, by TINYMOON. Spain
Behind the Eyes, by Belén Montero (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS, TAMBOURA FILMS). Spain
Fat Lives Matter, by Constantino Garcia (BLIND SCREEN). Spain
The Grammar Army, by Alejandro P. Waudby & Cristina Pozo (WET EDUGAMES). Spain
Humanoids, by Reinaldo Chacón (TWINLANDS FILMS). Spain
Hyperstacks, by Extrys Casasola Diaz (SQUIRREL BYTES). Spain
Mash&Co, by Katrin Ann Orbeta (MASH&CO). Italy, France
Melbits, by Alex Cervantes (MELBOT STUDIOS, HAMPA STUDIO). Spain
Melbits POD, by Iván Expósito & David Montero (MELBOT STUDIOS). Spain
The V.H.S. Gang, by José María Fernández De Vega (THE GLOW ANIMATION STUDIO, THE GLOW P.C.). Spain
The Secret Trail of Moon, by Daniel Sánchez Mateos (GAMERANEST). Spain
Tipita, by María José Gómez Legarreta & Julián Micic de Rosas (EL ZORRO AZUL, TASU TASU D, MIMIC GAMES). Spain, Argentina
Trip to the Antarctic, by Eva Pérez Misa. Spain


Bethany, by Alvaro Roa & Francisco Ballesteros (COMIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES). Spain
Sarah Spaniel, Private Dog-tective, by Roberto González. Spain
Crepanquine vol. I & II, by Caro Waro & Garbunka (SPACEMAN PROJECT). Spain
Detective Misterio, by Freddy Navarro. Spain
Un dios de cristal, by Carlos Galán. Spain
Lighthouse, by Alex Mangor Grave. Denmark, USA
Red Cat and Green Dog, by Roberto González. Spain
The Great Day Of The Ugly Ones, by Nabil Chabaan & David Tesouro. Spain
Harpoon, by Roc Espinet (SPACEMAN PROJECT). Spain
Tales From Outer Space, by Pato Conde. Spain
Iscariot, by Claudio Cerdán. Spain
Pipette and Dudley – Charming Dog Adventure, by Charlotte Mei (SHORTBOX). United Kingdom
The Apartment 3rd Vil, by Aitor I. Eraña (GRAFITO EDITORIAL). Spain
The Shelter, by José Fonollosa (GRAFITO EDITORIAL). Spain
Week end Meeting, by Alejandra Vargas y Paula Luna. Spain
Samsara, by Francesca Da Sacco (AWE EDIZIONI). Italy
Sicarios, by Roberto Corroto (ZONA 00). Spain
Summer Stories, by Yago de Hita & Leyre Granero. Spain
Tie – Is There Love On Mars?, by Mattia Bulgarelli & Michela Da Sacco (AWE EDIZIONI). Italy
Toxic Detective, by Claudio Cerdán (WILD LEMON). Spain
Vampi, by José Fonollosa (GRAFITO EDITORIAL). Spain
Journey to the World of Monsters, by David Tomaselli & Jose Villena. Spain
Worst Case Scenario Graphic Novel, by Richard Raaphorst & Eron Sheean (SCREEN ANARCHY). Spain
Yogurt-maker Blues, by Roberto González & Sergio Ayala. Spain
Yugen, by Raule (Raúl Anisa Arsis). Spain


5 Minutes More, by Alvaro G. Echave & Carlos Gutiérrez (TEMBO GAMES). Spain
An Anthology Of Cozy RPGs, by Ludipe. Spain
Catch the Villain, by Inma Gallardo Rodríguez. Spain
Back To The Jungle, by Alvaro G. Echave & Carlos Gutiérrez (TCG FACTORY). Spain
Constructowers, by Manuel Sánchez Montero (TCG FACTORY). Spain
DinoZombies, by Pablo Alonso Lasagabaster. Spain
Instacrime, by Pak Gallego (GDM GAMES). Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea
Kaboom Universe, by Alvaro G. Echave (TEMBO GAMES). Spain
Kingdom’s Candy: Monsters, by Zemilio & Joe Slack (ZEMILIO ENTERTAINMENT). Ireland
Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure, by Mathias Daval & Johanna Pernot (ARGYX GAMES). France
Mad Maze, by Alberto Jaén Jiménez & Mariana Parra Serrano. Spain
Bitter Cup, by José Manuel Fernández Aguilera (ROCKET LEMON GAMES). Spain
Pitch&Plakks, by PLAKKS. Spain
Plakks, by PLAKKS. Spain
RabbitZ & Robots, by Lorena Gestido & Javier Martínez (ROCKET LEMON GAMES). Spain
El renacer de los dragones, by Inma Gallardo & Bernat Buxaus. Spain
Sabuesos, by Paco Yánez (TCG FACTORY). Spain
Spytech, by Pedro Berenguel Nieto (POSTWAVER). Spain
Zoocracy, by Simon Haas (HAAS GAMES). Switzerland

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