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The European Animation Awards come back after a long hiatus and hosted in Greece (September 2024).

One more category for short films introduced at European Animation Awards, Nora Twomey live facebook event to come up. Check all announcements for EAA during Annecy Festival.

 4 Emile Awards for the Cartoon Network production The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe. View all 2018 EAA winners.

The UK recipient will give a masterclass during the 2-day Emile Award celebrations (7-8 Dec 2018) in Lille, France.

European Animation Awards also extends the number of nominated films from 3 to 5 in its second edition (7-8 December 2018, Lille).

Olga Bobrowska critically reflects upon the premiere European Animation Awards for Zippy Frames.

Best short animation for The Burden by Niki Lindroth von Bahr in the first edition of the European Animation Awards.

Olga Bobrowska critically analyzes the new European Animation Awards nominations, and the status of the awards themselves in the contemporary animation scene production.

The new European Animation Awards will effectively substitute the award for Best European Short film, as announced by  CARTOON General Director Marc Vandeweyer.

A new, ambitious award and association for European animation is under way. French producer Olivier Catherin talks to Zippy Frames about the European Animation  Awards.


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