5 feature films at the 7th Anim'est, Bucharest

5 feature films at the 7th Anim'est, Bucharest

animest2 European, 2 films from Latin America and one Japanese film are the feature selections for the 7th Anim'est festival in Bucharest, Romania (5-14 October).

 The existential and political Czech thriller Alois Nebel (Tomáš Luňák, dir)[review] is the more adult selection in this year's festival.

Makoto Shinkai exploits in Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below [review] folk Japanese legends about the land of the dead, and directs an engrossing adventure, different in style from Miyazaki's works.


The Spanish entry Daddy, I'm a Zombie (Ricardo Ramón, Joan Espinach dir) is a Goya-nominated film and a parody of an outcast teenager Dixie, who finds herself a real zombie.


Fat, Bald, Short Man (Carlos Osuna, dir) [review] is a Colombian story of a shy man who struggles in a world of human indifference.

Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe (Walter Tournier dir, Argentina-Chile) tells the story of  is the sailing master of the Esperanza, an English galley sailing the South Seas, and his changing worldview outlook. Visit www.animest.ro, 


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