Klik! Amsterdam, 12-17 Nov 2013: Midnight Madness


 From 12-17 November  (EYE filmmuseum, Amsterdam), KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival  presents an all-encompassing programme of short films in various competitive categories, and not-to-be-missed features. 

 Its distinctive programme is Midnight Madness. The festival description reads: ' Those films that make you go, “What the flying fuck were these people thinking/sniffing/smoking?” And, “Where can we get some more of that good stuff?” To share this wonderful feeling of alienation, bewilderment, and delight, we present you with the very weirdest the animation world has produced over the years.

If you’re brave enough to venture into a program that collects the damned, the strange, and the damned strangest from the world of animation, you’ll never look at the medium in the same way ever again... Just keep repeating: “It’s only a movie! It’s only a movie! It’s only... a movie?”

A cartoony relation of a couple in the Greek Andreas & Christina (Aristarchos Papadaniel) the dinosaur-explicit Belgium film, The Sexual Life of Dinosaurs (Delphine Hermans) or the computer-based Kamazutra (Herve Lopez, France) investigate the comic limits of naughtiness.

{dailymotion}video/xqrwha_la-vie-sexuelle-des-dinosaures_creationFilm d'animation{/dailymotion}

See the full line-up:

  • Andreas & Christina | Wedumentary, Aristarchos Papadaniel, Greece 2012,  4min48
  • Baby, I Love You, Faiyaz Jafri, United States 2012, 2min25
  • ELYSEE PALACE, Denis de Lapparent, France 2013, 2min57
  • Emilia, Tsai Yu-Jhen, Taiwan 2013, 7min00
  • Flower Kids episode 1: On the beach, Henning Basler, Germany 2013, 1min12
  • Fruit Fly, Eren Kocabasi, United States 2012, 3min15
  • Kamazutra, Herve Lopez, France 2012, 4min00
  • Like, Lotta Sweetliv, The Netherlands 2012, 1min57
  • Mop Loves Bucket, Morgan Twiston Davies, United Kingdom 2013, 1min17
  • Pargu, Sean Grounds, Canada 2012, 3min56
  • Performance, Masha Sedyaeva, Russia 2012, 0min25
  • Red Colored Bridge, Keiichi Tanaami, Japan 2012, 5min40
  • Say Hi, Hyeonjong Kim, South Korea 2013, 5min00
  • Service Station, Greco Henr, Chile 2013, 1min47
  • Swallowing a single-engine airplane, Mar, Brazil 2013, 8min00
  • the Carousel Family, Te-Yu Liu, Taiwan 2013, 5min56
  • The Muse, Latefa Wiersch, Germany 2012, 2min31
  • The Origin Of a Myth: Alien Abduction, Jason Petrovitch, United States 2013, 3min00
  • The Sexual Life of Dinosaurs, Delphine Hermans, Belgium 2012, 2min40
  • Two Fingers - Vengeance Rhythm, Chris Ullens, United Kingdom 2012, 3min13
  • Vicuna Rencoroso, Marc de Leeuw & Iteke Hemkes, The Netherlands 2012, 3min28
  • Welcome to the Zoo, Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser, Germany 2013, 1min33

 Midnight Madness is presented  on Friday, 15 Nov (23:30, EYE Film Institute) as part of the Klik! festival. Find your tickets here, and discover the fulll programme of Klik! Amsterdam 2013.





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