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Go through the workshops and masterclasses of the 9th Anibar festival.

The theme of the festival this year addresses gender inequality in general, and in the animation field specifically. 1095 films have applied to be part of the festival but 220 are selected, which will be screened at 4 Anibar cinemas and 152 films are part of the selection competition.

This selection competition is classified in five main categories which are: International Competition, Feature Film Competition, Balkan Film Competition, Student Competition, and Animated Music Videos. A selection of competing films will be judged by the grand jury: Anita Killi, Holger Lang, Joanna Rytel, Kendra Haaland, Lana Tankosa Nikolic.

Students category films will be judged by the student jury: Yll Bylykbashi, Filiz Telaku, Kaltrina Berisha, Lorik Berisha, Donart Selimi mentored by Pedro Rivero.

 The festival's opening ceremony will be at 19:30 by activist for women's rights Adelina Tërshani. She will have a performance which will address the issue of gender inequality in Kosovo while being the main message of this festival.

As every year, Anibar will have four workshops. This workshops will take place every day from 10:00 o'clock. Young enthusiasts behind animated films and those who want to get professionally animated in the future will have the unique opportunity to learn more about creating and producing an animated movie.

  • Workshops with Thomas Johnson: "Performing with time and puppets".
  • Workshop with Lisa Labracio: "Using stop motion to tell a moving story"
  • Workshop with Karine Miralles: "50/50 Animated Filming Storyboarding"
  • Workshop with Tiziano Berber, Andrea Oberosler and Letizia Depedri: “From Stop ... to Motion-Creating Animation”

An important part of the Anibar program are also masterclasses. In this edition the festival conintues the  radition of Masterclass program for this edition as well. By bringing experienced animators and filmmakers from all over the world we tend to make this year program even more interesting and fun to be at. With careful consideration, the festival has chosen three masterclasses .

  • Ilir Hasanaj: “ LEONARDO: the process from the storyboard to the film”
  • Pedro Rivero: “The Tools of Screenwriting and Cinematic Storytelling for Animation”
  • Peter Merryman and Amy Winfrey: “Storyboard Master Class”

During the festival days the festival have three main panels and each one of them address certain topics, especially in gender equality.

  • Panel: “Working Towards Equality in the Film Industry”, with panelists: Luce Grocejan (FR), Arzana Kraja (KS) and Lora D’addazio (BE).
  • Panel: “ Challenging Gender Equality Stereotypes Through Animation”, with panelists Visare Gorani, Hana Arapi, Linda Gusia and moderated by
  • Panel: “Smash the Patriarchy”, with panelists Nita Zeqiri, Besnik Leka and Agnesa Qerimi

During the festival, producers, directors and animators will have some presentations for the ones that will join the festival and they will share their experience in creating  movies in animation world. We will have:

  • Nancy Phelps will hold a presentation on “The forgotten woman in animation”
  • Kendra Haaland will hold a presentation on “Woman in Animation“
  • Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, Amy Winfrey and Peter Merryman will have their presentation on Saturday

9th edition of Anibar international film festival gives space also for young talented animators from Kosova to present their work at the festival. The Kosovar Tale presentation program is a showcase of stories conveyed through a very diverse usage of mediums.

  • Fisnik Ismaili will share the story of The Pimpsons as a model which reflects the political reality in Kosovo through comics.
  • Arvan Berisha will present his film, The Magnet, which demonstrates the difficulties of communication through the use of technology which was supposed to make it easier.
  • We will be introduced to The Red Line, by Rron Bajri, a film made through a very delicate process of pressure printing, which explores the quite delicate subject of property and gender.
  • Flaka Kokolli, through her first animated film, Unsuck, will explore the absurdity rumination leads to.
  • Agnesa Belegu, who is currently striving to build a foundation for the gaming industry in Kosovo, will explain the challenges of game design to enhance real world experiences and using technology to better understand our reality. This program has been specifically curated for festival audiences to showcase the stories and work of some of the most talented and innovative Kosovar animators, illustrators, graphic and game designers.

Every day, the festival will go  to end the night in to moon with good music from different bands and DJs, cold drinks and good company. After parties will take place at center park “Karagaq” and the line up is composed by musicians such as Elina Duni, Dren Abazi, Offchestra, and many more.


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