Luce Grosjean

Presenting your stop-motion project to a producer; do's and dont's during the Masters Workshops at ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum (December 7-11 2021 in Łódź, and online).

Luce Grosjean talks about The Sustainability Animation Residency (SAR) created in Southern France for environmentally-themed CGI projects. 

MIYU Distribution head Luce Grosjean presented an intro statement at the 16th Animateka festival on the #MeToo movement and animation festival politics. Watch it below.

Check the full schedule for the industry day (12 Nov 2019) at Kaboom Animation Festival.

15 selected project for ANIMARKT 2019. Find what's happening its 4th edition.

Gobelins students present their story of sisterly love and vulcano drama. Watch Caldeira.

Go through the workshops and masterclasses of the 9th Anibar festival.

Discover the jury members of the Segovia fest as well.


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