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The European Animation Awards come back after a long hiatus and hosted in Greece (September 2024).

IV ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival announced the winners for its 2021 edition.

Here's the full programme of AnimaSyros Agora event taking place 22-25 September in Syros, Greece.

The 10th StopTrik Festival celebrating the art of stop motion takes  gathering will take place at Maribor: 8.-11. 10. 2020, and StopTrik Lodz: 6.-8. 11. 2020. We asked former participants to tell their own view of the boutique and really changing the scene festival.

Barry Purves, Angela Poschet, Alvaro Ceppi, Wim Vanacker Nancy Denney Phelps among the highly interesting full programme of 2018 Animarkt Stop Motion Forum in Lodz.

A  three-day networking and animation innovation event in Athens, including Laure Goasguen, Karin Vanderydt, Anne Brotot, Nancy Denney Phelps, Nora El Bekri, and Tünde Vollenbroek.

Go through the workshops and masterclasses of the 9th Anibar festival.


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