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 All selected films for the Hungarian animation festival.

Between October 24th and 27th the 7th Primanima World Festival of Animations is held, where the focus is on young animation directors.

For this edition the festival received more than 500 submissions from 26 countries and from which 14 first films, 26 graduation films and 21 student films were selected. Thus 61 short animation films and 32 children’s films are going to compete for the awards of Primanima.

This year's international jury consists of Tomek Ducki, Hungarian-born animation director from Poland, Kreet Paljas from Estonia, programme director of Anilogue International Animation Festival, Budapest, and György Ali Pálos film director and producer from Hungary.

The children’s film competition is evaluated by Zoltán Balázs, the head of the Department of Art at the Partium Christian University in Oradea, Judit Czakó editor and Bálint Gelley animation director and producer at CUB Studio, Budapest.

Short films in competition:

A Blink of an Eye _ Kiana NAGHSHINEH (GER, 03’55”)
A Demonstration of Brilliance in Four Acts _ Morten TŠINAKOV, Lucija MRZLJAK (EST, 15’03’’)
A Love Letter to the One I Made Up _ Rachel GUTGARTS (ISR, 06’05’’)
A Table Game _ Nicolás PETELSKI (EST/EST, 03’53”)
About Our Astronauts _ Galina GOLUBEVA (RUS, 07’20’’)
Bless You! _ Paulina ZIÓŁKOWSKA (POL, 04’45”)
Bloeistraat 11 _ Nienke DEUTZ (BEL, 09’41’’)
Blue Hands _ Diyala MUIR (GBR, 03’00”)
Cabin Pressure _ Lee MATTHEW (GBR, 03’15”)
Egg _ Martina SCARPELLI (FRA/DNK, 12’07”)
Fags _ Alexis VANDERMISSEN (BEL, 05’40’’)
Fatherfreakout _ CSONT Zsombor (ROM/HUN, 01’21”)
Five Years After the War _ Samuel ALBARIC, Martin WIKLUND, Ulysse LEFORT (FRA, 16’39”)
Free Wheels _ Jacinthe FOLON (BEL, 03’36’’)
Grands Canons _ Alain BIET (FRA, 10’45”)
Hedge _ Amanda BONAIUTO (USA, 06’05’’)
Here and Here _ Michaela MIHALYI (CZE, 02’23”)
Honk _ Triet LE (VNM/DNK/USA, 02’56”)
I Get Up and I Take My Coffee _ Mathilde PEPINSTER (BEL, 04’04’’)
I Have Problems _ DEBRECZENI Zsuzsanna (HUN, 06’34’’)
I Wanted to Make a Film About Pain _ RICHOLM Orsolya (HUN, 01’46’’)
Inanimate _ Lucia BULGHERONI (GBR, 08’36’’)
Intimity _ Élodie DERMANGE (CHE, 05’00”)
Las del diente _ Ana PÉREZ LÓPEZ (EST, 05’28’’)
Living Like Heta _ Bianca CADERAS, Isabella LUU, Kerstin ZEMP. (CHE, 06’12’’)
Living Matter _ Bettina BOROS, Brigitta BOROS (HUN, 03’30’’)
Love Me, Fear Me _ Veronica SOLOMON (GER, 06’06’’)
Maikeulboudjan _ Capucine MULLER (BEL, 03’23’’)
Medium Rare _ Luca CIOCI (USA, 04’35”)
Mercy _ MOLNÁR Eszter (HUN, 02’58”)
Microdistrict _ Ivelina IVANOVA (BGR/GBR, 04’00”)
Mud _ Alicja BŁASZCZYŃSKA (POL, 12’32”)
Muteum _ Äggie Pak Yee LEE (EST, 04’10”)
Not Yet _ VARGA Tímea (HUN, 10’36”)
Off Season _ LÁNG Orsolya (HUN, 10’00’’)
Out of Touch _ Arash AKHGARI (CAN, 01’40”)
Pining _ Caibei CAI (GBR, 02’15”)
Poetika Anima _ Kriss SAGAN (SVK, 05’14”)
Procrastination _ Nata METLUKH (EST, 01’00”)
Pura Vida _ Nata METLUKH (EST, 09’35’’)
Random _ KÜHNEL SZABÓ Anita (HUN, 02’21’’)
Rathole Diner _ DARABOS Éva (FIN, 03’13’’)
Red Garage _ Max LITVINOV (FRA, 04’03”)
Retreat _ Angus MITCHELL, Alex BEVAN (GBR, 00’58”)
Ripple _ Mor ISRAELI (FRA, 04’13”)
Rules of Play _ Merlin FLÜGEL (GER, 07’34”)
Saving Pooh _ Julia TRACHTENBERG (ISR, 02’32”)
Schnurksel _ Leo BECKER (BEL, 03’10”)
Sirens _ TUDISCO Juli (HUN, 04’00’’)
Sowing _ Maryna MILIUSHCHANKA (GER, 07’24”)
Super Serious Satsuma _ Trang NGUYEN (GBR, 01’10”)
Take Me Please _ HEGYI Olivér (HUN. 2018, 13’50”)
Tamed _ Ekaterina MIKHEEVA (RUS, 04’16”)
The Blissful Accidental Death _ Sergiu NEGULICI (ROM, 15’11”)
The Fall of Rome _ TURAI Balázs (HUN, 23’24”)
Time Autobahn _ Sijia LUO (JPN, 02’55”)
To Let the Body Grow _ Andrea GUDINO (MEX, 04’18”)
Travelogue Tel Aviv _ Samuel PATTHEY (CHE, 06’00’’)
Two for Two _ Jelena OROZ (HRV, 08’00’’)
Unsafe Land _ SZÉNÁSI Marcell (HUN, 09’07”)
With or Without Sun _ Jean-Guillaume BASTIEN (CAN, 02’30’’)

Bless You, Paulina ZIÓŁKOWSKA

Children’s films in competition:
Ant _ Julia OCKER (GER, 03’37”)
Breakfast _ BOGNÁR Éva Katinka (HUN, 02’05”)
Castaways _ CSORNAY Péter (HUN, 07’10”)
Crane Story from Hortobágy _ LUGOSI István (HUN, 13’44”)
Drops _ Sarah Joy JUNGEN, Karsten KJAERULF-HOOP (DNK, 07’04”)
Flipped _ Hend ESMAT, Lamiaa DIAB (UK, 04’54”)
Funny Fish _ Krishna Chandran A. NAIR (FRA, 06’21”)
Hedgehog’s Home _ Eva CVIJANOVIC (HRV/CAN, 10’09”)
Hitchhikers _ Rafal BLECHARZ (POL, 03’20”)
Hula Hoop _ BAKOS Barbara (HUN, 02’01”)
It’s Pressing! _ Johann ETRILLARD (BEL, 03’39”)
Kippkopp in the Grass _ FABÓK Szilvia (HUN, 07’09”)
Lemon & Elderflower _ Ilenia COTARDO (UK, 02’41”)
Lion _ Julia OCKER (GER, 03’37”)
No End _ FARKAS Júlia (HUN, 02’03”)
On the Quiet _ Yann Sông LE VAN HO (FRA, 04’24”)
Penguin _ Julia OCKER (GER, 03’37”)
Rose on the Moon _ HORVÁTH-MOLNÁR Panna (HUN, 02’25”)
So Damn Cold _ Anna KRITSKAYA (RUS, 06’40”)
Spring Bear Song _ GELLÁR Csaba (HUN, 02’00”)
Strawberry _ VÁCZ Péter (HUN, 02’06”)
The Adventures of Bertie Bean: Berti Bean Cries Along with Nuusi Kuusi _ KOVÁCS Márton (HUN, 07’35”)
The Checked-eared Rabbit: Robot Rabbit _ BAKOS Barbara (HUN, 06’28”)
The Fruits of Clouds _ Katerina KARHÁNKOVÁ (CZE, 10’29”)
The Good Sibling _ HERMÁN Árpád (HUN, 01’55”)
The Grickles: Everyone Should Be a Grickle! _ JURIK Kristóf (HUN, 07’00”)
The Kingdom of Cornel _ BERTÓTI Attila (HUN, 02’09”)
The Man with Birds _ Quentin MARCAULT (FRA, 04’28”)
The Violet Gorilla _ BOGNÁR Éva Katinka, HORVÁTH-MOLNÁR Panna (HUN, 02’57”)
Turmoil _ Antoine E. DELEBARRE (FRA, 04’26”)
Weasel _ Timon LEDER (SVN, 11’34”)
When I Grow Up _ MOLNÁR Tünde (HUN, 02’29”)

                                                                               Muteum, Äggie Pak Yee Lee

The 7th Primanima World Festival of Animations is held 24-27 October 2018 in Budaörs, Hungary.


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