Hungarian animations on an international stage in the online masterclass event, 21 May 2021, organized by Primanima Festival.

Find all award winners of the 8th Primanima Festival.

Interview with three members of the curator team of the 8th Primanima Festival: Anna Ida Orosz co-founder and artistic director, Dóra Bartal and Zsófi Herczeg curators.

Find the whole list of selected film for Primanima  World Festival of Animations fest.

Discover the relevant activities of the 10th Anibar Festival, which include workshops, educational programmes and screenings.

Kropka talks to the co-founder and program director of Primanima festival.

Zippy Frames contributor Kropka shares his impressions from the 2018 Hungarian festival.

All the winners of the Hungarian festival

Discover the highlights of the 2018 Budaors Hungarian festival.

 All selected films for the Hungarian animation festival.

An experimental film workshop during the Hungarian Primanima festival (22-24 Oct 2018).

Report and the video for the 2017 stop-motion workshop during Primanima festival is now online.

Call for applicants: Peter and Joseph’s World of Stop Motion (International Workshop at Primanima Festival, Hungary.

The UK film by Sarina Nihei joined a host of other films awarded at the Hungarian fest. View all winners.

Fly Mill by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg wins the Grand Prix at the PRIMANIMA 2013 festival, Hungary. See all the awarded films.


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