The VR project of Uri and Michelle Kranot finds its place at the competitive section of Venice Film Festival.

It's freezing cold on the outskirts of town, but people are gathering together. I watch them form a row across the horizon. We're all waiting for something to happen, but what if nothing does?

The project started as a short film by Uri & Michelle Kranot (Hollow Land), being a Danish-French co-production between Dansk Tegnefilm & Miyu Productions.

The bittersweet Nothing Happens won the Festivals Connexion Award – Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes at the 2017 Annecy festival, in which the VR film version also premiered,

Marie Bro of the Dansk Tegnefilm production company talks about the VR experience:  You get a powerful sense of being one of the characters in the piece. Instead of just watching, you are drawn into it.

Nothing Happens VR is now in competition (the first-ever for VR films) at the celebrated Venice Film Festival (30.08-09.09.17)


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