Animation Projects in Kids Kino Lab Selection 2021-22

Animation Projects in Kids Kino Lab Selection 2021-22
Christmas Survivors (c)Trollfilm

Kids Kino Lab script development workshop  is aimed at developing feature-length film and series projects for young viewers. The upcoming edition of the workshop will feature four projects from Poland, three from the Czech Republic, two each from Belgium and Norway and one apiece from Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The producers and scriptwriters of these 6 live-action films, 3 animated films, 2 animated series and 2 live-action series will start their journey with Kids Kino Lab in January 2022. Over the course of 9 months, four on-site sessions will be held in Poland (2 sessions, one during Kids Kino Industry), Belgium (during the JEF Festival) and the Czech Republic (during the Zlín Film Festival). 

Anita Killi (Angry Man, Mother Didn't Know) prepares  feature-length 'Christmas Survivors'.

We meet 9-year old Maja and her little brother Ola who are dropped off on the old family farm, where they will stay the days leading up to Christmas with their step-grandmother and step-uncle who they have not met before.

While the grandmother fills the house with warmth and comfort, uncle Laurits is very reserved and only reluctantly involves them in the daily tasks of running a farm. Wonders and danger await the city-children on this new territory.

In the children TV series in development, we find the Belgium entry 'Rosalie & Mr Moon' (52x7, CineVenture), Scriptwriter: Brigitte Minne

Rosalie is a naughty duckling who likes to play pranks on her friends. Mr Moon is a wise, quiet gentleman in elegant pajamas, who does not want to be messed around with. Rosalie loves to stay up late, so every night Mister Moon needs to sprinkle moon powder to put the mischievous Rosalie to sleep. 

'School for Little Monsters' is another animated series for pre-teens, coming from Ukraine and YARKI company.

'Rubbish Life' feature animation comes from Polish scriptwriter and editor Katarzyna Leśniak (producer:MFOKA, Poland), and it is another Kids Kino Lab selection entry. The last entry is the Czech project 'Dashenka' (producer: Jiří Sádek).

The full list of projects:

  • Christmas Survivors, animated film, scriptwriter: Anita Killi, producer: Lillian Løvseth, company: Trollfilm AS, Norway
  • Dashenka, animation film, scriptwriter: Petr Semecky, producer: Jiří Sádek, company: Montowna, Czech Republic
  • Detective Bruno 2, live-action film, scriptwriters: Marcin Ciastoń, Ewa Rozenbajgier, producer: Joanna Szymańska, company: Shipsboy, Poland
  • Divine Lightning, live-action film, scriptwriter: Barbora Chalupová, producer: Pavla Klimešová, company: Helium Film, Czech Republic
  • Dry Land, live-action series, scriptwriter: Bex Harvey, producer: Terhi Kylliainen, company: Becklow Films, UK
  • Empire, live-action series, scriptwriter: Charlotte De Cort, producer: Mariëlle Dazler, company: De Mensen nv, Belgium
  • Game Girl, live-action film, scriptwriter: Hana Cielová, producer: Julietta Sichel, company: 8Heads Productions, Czech Republic
  • Hello, Wolves 2, live-action film, scriptwriter: Natalia Pietrucha, producer: Mirosław Majeran, company: Najpierw Drugie Danie, Poland
  • The Land of Lost Laundry, live-action film, scriptwriter: Julie Skaufel, producer: Nicholas Sando, company: Filmbin AS, Norway
  • Rosalie and Mr. Moon, animated series, scriptwriter: Brigitte Minne, producer: Cedric Igodt, company: CineVenture, Belgium
  • Rubbish Life, animated film, scriptwriter: Katarzyna Leśniak, producer: Michał Nowak, company: MFOKA, Poland
  • School for Little Monsters, animated series, scriptwriter: Roman Kepkalo, producer: Yana Palamarenko, company: YARKI, Ukraine
  • Tosia and the Christmas Crew, live-action film, scriptwriter: Wojciech Janik, producer: Wojciech Stuchlik, company: Film Production Wojciech Stuchlik, Poland

Details of the projects taking part in this edition will appear on the workshop website before the first session begins in January.  The projects will be developed under the guidance of script tutors Philip LaZebnik, Kirsten Bonnén Rask and Armin Prediger, with the producers simultaneously working on the development of their projects with Ronald Kruschak, producers’ tutor at Kids Kino Lab. 

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