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Claymation Workshop by Marcus Grysczok on Climate Change

Claymation workshop at New Zealand

Erfurt-based independent filmmaker, Marcus Grysczok, conducts a free claymation workshop in MEANWHILE Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand), 15-19 February 2023.  Climate change is the impetus and the drive behind this training initiative.

 Eligibility: Workshop is Free & no experience in animation required / 8-10 Participants 16+

Concept:  ​The workshop is designed for school and university students, artists, filmmakers, teachers, and enthusiasts of the world of analog animation. The material to use is clay/ plasticine. Each participant will animate as much as possible to learn the basic principles of animation.

​Project: ​During the workshop, the group will work together to create a short animation about the tipping points of the global climate. As a reference, there is a short audio recording of the climate researcher Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

​In his latest project “Climate Facts“, Marcus Grysczok worked with a climate scientist from Germany, to make a claymation about the climate crisis, which is currently running at film festivals worldwide to educate especially young people and won an award at EKOTOPFILM.


15th 10-18: Introduction Mobile Animation Box & Basic Animation Training
16th 10-18: Advanced Animation Training
17th 10-18: Introduction Project “Climate Facts“: Project Development, Character Design, Sculpting, Animation & Postproduction
18th 10-18: Acting for Animation
19th 10-18: Lip Sync in Animation

Climate Facts:

A short claymation about the climate crisis and collaboration between climate researcher Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and media artist Marcus Grysczok.

The film is a mixture of abstract animation and the climate researcher Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf as the protagonist, on whose head the causes and effects of climate change were artistically visualized. A torrent of water pours over the scientist's head, almost swallowing him, trees fall victim to deforestation and wildfires raze everything …

Animation Lecturer:

​Marcus Grysczok is an Erfurt-based independent filmmaker, the founder of Stop Motion Academy (Workshop Festival) and Media Arts MFA student at Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany. He is dedicated to analog animation and is bringing together stop motion and climate activism.

Besides his artistic work, he loves to teach (for example @bauhausuni or also at local schools ) and to keep the art form stop motion animation alive. For this purpose he developed the „Mobile Animation Box“, a system that fits into a suitcase and with which he can travel. Stop-motion animation has great potential; therefore, he organizes his workshops worldwide.

Practical Details:

Title: How to become a Stop Motion Animator / Claymation Workshop by Marcus Grysczok
When: Wednesday 15th - Sunday 19th of Feb 2023
Where: MEANWHILE Gallery, Level 2 99 Willis Street, TeAro, Wellington - Aotearoa New Zealand|
Please apply with your artistic portfolio or showreel and a motivation letter or video via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Partners:  Bauhaus University Weimar / Mobile Animation Box / Meanwhile Gallery

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