3 Animation Shorts from L' Atelier de Sèvres

3 Animation Shorts from L' Atelier de Sèvres

L' Atelier de Sèvres  is a new animation school in France with a 3-year higher education program in animation and directing , which includes both 2D,3D and stop-motion animation.

We picked up three of its 2019 student animation films, now available to watch online: 

1. The last cigarette (Une dernière cigarette) by Sébastien Kirszenblat,

An old woman’s walk.

2. Sun’s Fever (Une dernière cigarette) by Marie Deboissy 

Oscar, 17, spends his summer with his mother and Marianne, who is thirty years older than him. This summer, an ardent desire emerges at Oscar for Marianne.

3. The Thundered Man by Valentine Vendroux 

Papillon is a man, happy in his unusual job: he is a table man. He offers his services in weddings, banquets and every other kind of receptions. He simply gets down on all fours so he can use his back as a stable support. One day, Papillon is struck by love at first sight. This lightning of love totally shakes him physically and mentally: from now on, he has a huge lightning bolt stuck in his back, that makes it nearly impossible for him to work properly.

About L' Atelier de Sèvres
L' Atelier de Sèvres  offers a 3-year higher education program. From experimentation to dissemination, the teaching team offers all tools necessary for students to become author-directors of audiovisual and cinematographic works in moving images.The pedagogical system is based on experimentation, writing and direction, with all techniques considered (2D, 3D, stopmotion and mixed technology). It involves lectures, technical courses and production workshops during which students experiment with different forms of writing (clip, short film, animated documentary, commissioned film, etc.).This teaching is delivered by French and international professionals of animation cinema and it is completed by a personalized follow-up of the students.

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