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3 Animation Projects Shortlisted for SAR Sustainability Animation Residency 2023

Ode Animation Still by Camille Chao

was set up in cooperation between Schliemann Residency Provence and MIYU Distribution to help amplify the urgency of environmental action with the powerful tools of animation.

Situated near Arles, SAR seeks to tap into the unique pool of a world-class animation industry based in and around Arles, and to support their talents in a global context.

The projects were judged by the SAR PreJury consisting of Joana Schliemann, Founder, Schliemann Residency Provence, Luce Grosjean, founder MIYU Distribution, Tony Guerrero, Mathieu Rey, co-founder of TNZPV and Chrystel Poncet, producer.

Three shortlisted projects were chosen:

- Sara Massieu - Cut a tree
- Pipou Phuong Nguyen - Just a bit wet
- Camille Chao - The Cedar Eye

(central image: the previous 'Ode' animation short by Camille Chao, 2017)

The SAR Residency winner will stay at St. Remy de Provence, 20th May - 1st July 2023.

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